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All kind of photo shoots for 2: love story, engagement, elopement, save the date and trash the dress photography. Information about wedding photo shoot - here.
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Tel Aviv
800₪ shooting by Alice Notcake
It's around 280/220 €EURO
1800₪ shooting by Alice Notcake
It's around 600/500 €EURO
from ₪3500
Full Day Photo Shoot + help with arranging
Starts from 1000 €EURO
How do I know which package is better for me?
As a photographer, I prefer to plan the end of the photoshoot close to sunset or the start of the photoshoot close to sunrise. During this light you can comfortably open your eyes, there are many more angles for shooting and the colors are the best.

Tel Aviv (1 hour) - most often 1 main location and all movement by foot.

Standard (2.5 hours) - we can make 2 locations, the distance between which is no more than 30 minutes (I do not recommend longer movements/drive). We use the most interesting location or location in the open sun on sunset. A less important location for you or location with shadows we are planing before sunset. If you want, we can manage even 5 locations, but I do not recommend running and rushing: for a good result, it is important that you can relax and calm at least for a while :)

LUX - Full-day shooting depends on the weather: with cloudy weather, we can plan a route as we want. With sunny weather, I try to plan the shoot so that during the daytime we do not appear in the open sun or make shooting with drone. Since we cannot predict the weather, I plan the route based on the sunny (worst) scenario. In addition, it is quite hot during the daytime in June-September and your comfort is also important for a good result.
*What you also need to know about photoshoots in Israel:
- We know the most unusual locations in Israel. Lists of locations with examples of photos you can find here, for convenience they are grouped by regions of the country. We discuss and recommend locations for your shooting, but only after booking the date and time.
- Booking more than a month in advance is possible only for shooting from 3 hours.
- Shootings are possible anywhere in Israel, detailed terms - in the section "on-site shootings".
- It's possible to book video clip with discount in addition to photos.
- If you want, you can order a make-up artist and a hairdresser, photo books, speed up processing, retouch, and other additional options.
- Sometimes we announce discounts and photo days on my Instagram. Look, there are a lot of fresh and actual shots!
Yasya & Ilya
Elopement & Love Story video in Israel
Ksenia & Liron
Engagement video in Israel

Where to make photo shoot in Israel? Best spots.

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