Top places for photo shooting in Tel Aviv Area, Israel

I am Daniel Notcake, photographer in Israel. Most often, the first question when people contacting a photographer is where it's better to do shooting? Here is a list of the most popular locations for photo shoots.

After booking a photo shoot, I will open access to a complete list of locations with my comments and recommendations for each location. In addition, the full list includes those locations in which I have not shot yet, and where may be some special offer for shooting ;)
1) Arsuf
2) Pool of the Arches
3) Design Museum Holon
4) Ashdod UFO
5) Tel Afek park
6) Hulda Forest and beit Herzl area

Bonus locations and comments are after booking.

Herzliya area
Japanese garden in Holon
Ashdod sand dunes
Garden near Ashdod
Ashdod boombox graffiti and poppy fields
Beach umbrellas
Blooming in Beer Tuvia
Almond blooming

Other lists of locations:

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arsuf photoshoot
арсуф парк
arsuf park

Pool of the Arches

It's a beautiful 8th century underground aqueduct in Ramla which offers boats and pretty cool for photoshoots.
арочный бассейн в рамле
Pool of the Arches photoshoot
pool of arches ramle
Pool of the Arches photography

Design Museum Holon

Design Museum Holon is an architectural masterpiece in the center of this city which gives very unusual background for photography.
Design Museum Holon photoshoot
Design Museum Holon
Design Museum Holon photography
музей дизайна в Холоне фотосессия

Ashdod UFO

летающая тарелка ашдод
ashdod ufo photography
ashdod UFO

Tel Afek park

tel afek park
парк тель афек
Tel Afek park photoshoot
Tel Afek park photography

Hulda Forest and beit Herzl area

Hulda Forest photoshoot
Hulda Forest
beit herzl photoshoot
beit herzl photography
парк хулда израиль
Full list with my comments - after booking a photo shoot.

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