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Wedding stories:

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Wedding highlights - Olmaya - עולמיא
Hadassah & Chaim
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Wedding highlights clip in Israel
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Wedding highlights - Al Hayam Caesarea - על הים

Wedding photo shoot price

Photographer Daniel Notcake
Up to 6 hours
Full day (up to 12 hours)
I'll capture the atmosphere of the wedding party and bring you back there every time you look at the pictures. I'll create you better photos than any travel bloggers have. Let's have fun and make memories!

In all packages is included:
  • Me as a photographer (camera + drone)
  • Spare camera, cards, batteries, and a set of light where it's needed
  • Full-resolution photos will be sent via cloud service with a gallery option within 2 months after the wedding without tags/copyrights.

If the date you need is booked or it is expensive, you can always book a photographer from our team. The cost of 6 hours is 3500 nis, full day - 4800 nis. Write me for details.

Package wedding offers


Photography full day (up to 12 hours) Daniel Notcake
Videography full day (up to 12 hours) + clip Highlights
value of ₪10500+
Short but gold:

Photography 6 hours Daniel Notcake
Videography 6 hours + clip Highlights
Wedding books Premium 30x60 + 2 books 20x40
value of ₪10300+

Photography: full day (up to 12 hours) Daniel Notcake

Videography full day (up to 12 hours), Clip highlights (2-4 min) + Long Movie (20-60 min)

* You can book the second photographer or videographer for the evening (up to 6 hours) for +1200 nis or for the full day for +1800 nis to the package.

Wedding books Premium 30x60 + 2 books 20x40
value of ₪14600+

Photography full day (up to 12 hours): Daniel Notcake + second photographer

Videography full day (up to 12 hours) + second cameraman for the ceremony and venue. Clip Highlights (2−4 min) with SoundDesign, Long Movie (20−60 min) and ceremony standalone video.

    Prewedding/trash the dress additional day: up to 2.5 hours photoshoot with Daniel Notcake and videography by the additional cameraman to include it to the wedding videos

    Wedding books Premium 30×60 + 2 books 20×40

    value of ₪25000+
    Last Moment:

    Photography up to 4 hours Daniel Notcake
    Videography up to 4 hours + clip Highlights
    Booking is possible not earlier than 2 months in advance

    Travel fee up to Jerusalem/Haifa/Beer Sheva is already included in all packages.
    value of ₪7000+
    Want unusual and memorable photos from your wedding?

    Addition options:

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    We have 3 videographers in the team. There are prices:

    • Wedding clip highlights 3500/4800 nis: 6 hours/full day of filming + clip Highlights 2-4 min
    • Change Wedding Clip (2-4min) to Author's Movie (8-15min) or additional Long movie (20-60 min) +1200 nis
    • SoundDesign +500 nis (only additional to clip or movie)
    We all work with sound, light, and drones.
    Wedding videos and more details are on the videographer in Israel page.


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    My abroad weddings:

    We have a lot of experience in shoting in Europe and Asia: in total we have 70+ countries visited. We are happy to take up pre-wedding and wedding photoshoots not only in Israel, but also abroad. Most often we come with weddings to the Iceland, Jordan, UK and Turkey, but not only this: we are open to any countries.

    We think over incredible routes for 1-3 days and take truly unusual photos that will be remembered for a lifetime. This is what we do best.

    For those who order a wedding in Israel and plans to do the ceremony abroad, we have special offers. It is possible that, along with the already familiar photographer, you will be more comfortable. Write to us if you are interested in this option!
    Want unusual and memorable photos from your wedding?

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