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Daniel and Alice
We are photographers who are easy to work with. We understand how important this day is for you and we'll be glad to help you make it better by thinking through every detail. For us, the main thing that you were comfortable and interesting in the process of shooting.

We have no perfect luxury brides, no masterclass shootings, just the most ordinary guys who want something unusual and, often, completely don't know how to pose.

We will happily support and help bring to life your most crazy ideas! We do photo shoots in any countries and cities, based in Tel Aviv – we have already been to more than 70 countries and yep, mostly with weddings :)

Wedding photo shoot prices in Israel

— Wedding Photo Shoot - full day (up to 12 hours)
— Online gallery with photos
* Best package for small ceremonies and family weddings.
Full wedding day
— Wedding photo shoot - full day (up to 12 hours) - 2 photographers
— Online gallery with photos
— Drone included
* Best package for all kind of weddings with any amount of people
2 photographers - full wedding day
— Wedding photo shoot - full day (up to 12 hours) - 2 photographers
Additional engagement photo shoot - full day photo shoot
Photo Album Premium

Wedding day story
Wedding slideshow
— Online gallery with photos
— Drone included
*This is a special offer for couples who want, in addition to the wedding day, get cool photos from non-standard locations. We understand, that during the wedding day, spending time and energy on such surveys may be problematic, so advice to do it on another day.
2 full day photo shoot - engagement day + wedding day
— Wedding photo shoot - full day (up to 12 hours) - 2 photographers
Video - full day (up to 12 hours), 2 videographers
Additional engagement photo shoot - full day photo shoot
Photo Album Premium
— Sneak peek of 15-20 photos within 7 days after wedding
Wedding day story
Wedding slideshow
— Online gallery with photos
— Drone included
— Yes, you don't need to coordinate the videographers or organize anything: we will work as team and you need to talk only with me.
*Full stuffing: both photo and video during the wedding day in 8 hands and spare day for a photo shoot with the coolest ideas. We will torture you, but you will be satisfied :)
2 full day photo shoot: wedding day + video + engagement day
Second Photographer
The second photographer is an indispensable person at the religious weddings, weddings with a lot of guests, banquet and a walk before the wedding. He helps with light (at the wedding there is no possibility to choose light and shooting time), helps with role of "give-bring", so that the main photographer is not distracted and rescues in any unforeseen situations, and secure with a reserve camera.

We always recommend taking a second photographer, if the budget allows: this increases the shooting speed and improves the photo shoot quality. 4 hands always better then 2 :)
We know how to make this day better and will help you in this! We work with the best make-up artists-hairdressers and videographers. When ordering the shooting of a wedding with us, you will save yourself from weeks of searching for good specialists and coordinating details: we have already worked out everything. After booking the date, we are always in touch with you, and we also promptly give the photos: the maximum post-production time is 40 days.

If during a wedding photo shoot you want to get unusual photos that no one else has and are ready to realize something unique - you just like us. Look at our photos, they really surprise.
But this does not mean that we make only such photos: we specialize in both spiritual photos of the walk, and on the details of the wedding day, and we make a really lively and natural report, which even after years will allow us to experience all the feelings and emotions of the wedding, as if again it turned out to be!

All your friends have boring identical photos from the ceremony and from the restaurant? We will show the atmosphere of the wedding as if you were on it again:

We will not miss any detail and will perfectly show the atmosphere of preparation for the wedding:

And catch all the highlights at the wedding:

Want quality photos from your wedding?

We are working not only in Israel

We have a lot of experience in shoting in Europe and Asia: in total we have 70+ countries visited. We are happy to take up pre-wedding and wedding photoshoots not only in Israel, but also abroad. Most often we come with weddings to the Iceland, Jordan, UK and Turkey, but not only this: we are open to any countries.

We think over incredible routes for 1-3 days and take truly unusual photos that will be remembered for a lifetime. This is what we do best.

For those who order a wedding in Israel and plans to do the ceremony abroad, we have special offers. It is possible that, along with the already familiar photographer, you will be more comfortable. Write to us if you are interested in this option!

Pre-wedding photo shooting, Video and additional options:

Love Story
Engagement / Love Story Photo Shoot
— Up to 2.5 hours
— At least 70 post-processed photos
— Post-processing takes up to 10 days
— Slideshow
Up to 2.5 hours
Love Story
Engagement photo shoots:
— Full day photo shoot
— Online gallery with photos
— Post-processing takes up to 10 days
— Slideshow
— Drone included
Full day
Full day, 2 videographers
— Clip highlight + film
— Full raw video
* When you are ordering video through us, you do not need to coordinate videographers, we do all logistics and organization.
Information and videos by our videographers
or ₪3500 only highlights, without film
Album Premium
Wedding Photo Album (or 3, included albums to parents). They are incredibly cool, leather with glass or iron inserts and photos are printed on silk paper.
More about premium books
₪1200 (₪2200)
1 or 3 albums
Album Light
Wedding Photo Album (or 3, included albums to parents). More about photo books
₪500 (₪1200)
1 or 3 albums
Make Up/Hairdress
Make Up and Hairstyle, which will be done in best way. More about make up
with/without repetition
Sneak peek
Sneak Peak of 15-20 photos within 7 days after wedding
Story of the wedding day
We think over the story of the wedding day and tell it in the photos, sometimes changing the sequence and adding a lot of details which show atmosphere of the day. With this option, you get not just chronological photos from the wedding, but also a separate archive with a photo story, where another chronology conveys the atmosphere of the wedding day as fully as possible.
Fast post-processing
Speed-up of post-processing period to one week You still do not have time to recover from the wedding, and already get photos!
Package price
In the case of weddings far from Tel Aviv, the cost of departure may increase.

Here are some examples of our wedding photo shoots:

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Want unusual and memorable photos from your wedding?

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