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I specialize in finding unusual locations and taking pictures in nature, as well as taking pictures with a drone. Look at the examples of my photos and instagram: most likely, this is exactly what you want to see in Iceland - unearthly landscapes that will be remembered for life, and my photos will give them even better!

Write, and we'll pick up places and ideas for shooting that are interesting to you! For me it will not be "one more wedding", but it will be wedding of the dream.

Prices are already specified with flights and any additional expenses: this is the full price of the photo shoot, without any extra charges.

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High season, Wedding Photographer in Iceland (March-October):

Full day
up to 12 hours photo shoot
2 Days photo shoot
2-days photo shoot
Special offer for july 2019:
My wife and I are flying for a wonderful wedding in mid-July 2019 (±July 18), so we can take another wedding on special terms. Write to us if you are interested in these dates!

Low Season: Photographer in Iceland (November-February):

Full day
up to 12 hours photo shoot
2 Days photo shoot
2-days photo shoot
* It's important:
- The price is written for early bookings. In orders like "shooting next week" or "next month we have wedding" the cost may change due to the lack of cheap tickets and other unforeseen circumstances. This does not apply to offers, when I'm already in Iceland.
- Photographer moves with you, in your car, if we don't agree on another. The photographer needs to be returned to the starting point to his car, and not toss in the middle of the island :) There is additional option of movement on our car, but this is discussed personally.
- During photo shoots longer than 5 hours, you are responsible for the food during the route.
- Departures far from Reykjavik (North-East) are discussed personally, maybe will be additional transfer fee. At the same time, there are no extra fees for going to the Hverir and Raufarhöfn districts at the moment - we are happy to shoot in these places, despite a long trip, at the usual rate.
- Date is booked only after received prepayment, prepayment is 50%.
Haven't found the package you need or want not full-day photo shoot? Leave your contact info and we will think of something!
How does a photo shot work?
You leave a request
It would be great if you could tell us in detail what result you have in mind, where you want the shoot to take place, and other useful information.
We contact you
Within 12 hours we decide on the photo shoot location and concept, list you all the possible options, and set the date.
We optimize your route
We do a photo shoot in Iceland
You get the photos
During the agreed period after the photo shoot we send you the resulting photos. We also attach a mini guide on how to download the photos in 2 clicks both from a computer and a smartphone.

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