Top places for photo shooting in Tel Aviv, Israel

I am Daniel Notcake, photographer in Israel. Most often, the first question when people contacting a photographer is where it's better to do shooting? Here is a list of the most popular locations for photo shoot in Tel Aviv.

After booking a photo shoot, I will open access to a complete list of locations with my comments and recommendations for each location. In addition, the full list includes those locations in which I have not shot yet, and where may be some special offer for shooting ;)
1) Old Jaffo
2) Jaffo Port
3) Beach near Jaffo - north to Tel Aviv side
4) Hagana - old train station
5) Neve Tzedek
6) HaYarkon park
7) Port Tel Aviv
8) Tel Aviv promenade and hotel area
9) Sarona
10) Azrieli
11) One more rooftop
12) Tel Aviv Museum of Art
13) Park Wolfson

Bonus locations and comments after booking.

Boulevard Rothschild to Habima square Tel Aviv center
Tahana merkazit with graffities + Central bus station area
Florentin graffities

Other lists of locations:

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Old Jaffo Photoshoot

Old Jaffo is very popular photography location and it's reasonable: there are many options for the background (old buildings, cityline view, water), you can easily walk between spots and there are a lot of shadows which help us to be hidden from straight light and make shooting more comfortable.
old jaffa photoshoot
old jaffa photography
photo shoot jaffa
tel aviv photoshoot
Tel Aviv–Yafo
Тель Авив Яффо
old jaffa port photography
фотосессия старый яффо
яффо фотосессия
old jaffa photographer

Jaffo Port

Jaffo Port
Яффо порт

Beach near Jaffo - north to Tel Aviv side

Tel Aviv Seaside is pretty nice for photos with some options with rocks, sand and other things as the background.
Tel Aviv sunset
beach photoshoot tel aviv

Hagana - old train station

hagana photoshoot israel
Hagana - old train station

Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek was the first Jewish neighborhood outside of the old port city of Jaffa and has his own style and vibe.
neve tzedek photoshoot
Neve Tzedek
neve tzedek photographer
Неве Цедек

HaYarkon park

Hayarkon park has a lot of options for photography with hidden gems like cactus garden, rocks garden and tropical garden.
Hayarkon cactus garden
cactus garden photographer
Аяркон Сад Кактусов
cactus garden photoshoot
Парк Аяркон
hayarkon park

Port Tel Aviv

порт тель авив
port tel aviv

Tel Aviv promenade and hotel area - photoshoot Tel Aviv

Sarona Photoshoot

Sarona complex is a large park surrounding the restored German Templar village built in 1871, and it's pretty cool for photoshoots with european/german style.
sarona photoshoot
сарона азриели
sarona photography
рынок сарона


azrieli photography
azrieli photoshoot
башни азриели
азриели крыша

One more rooftop

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

tel aviv museum of art photoshoot
музей искусств тель авив
tel aviv museum of art
tel aviv museum of art photography

Park Wolfson

park wolfson photoshoot
park wolfson photography
Full list with my comments - after booking a photo shoot.

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