Premium Photo Book

We order a premium book in one of the best printing houses in the world. This is the final product that will please you for years, the ideal option for a wedding photo album.

You can choose one of 4 options: natural leather, eco-leather, hard and soft photo cover.
In total - more than 100 leather options.
Album Examples

We have 2 usual wedding options for books:

    • One large photo book
    • Size 30*30 or 30*40
    • 14-17 spreads
    • 5 months from the moment of the wedding (or a month from the moment of the order + 250 ₪)
    • Case +300
    Want It
    For Parents + Fast

    • Album for you. Size - 30*30
    • 2 albums for families - 20*20
    • 14-17 spreads
    • 2 months from the moment of the photos coordination
    • Each case +300
    It's our choice!
    If you want to compile your album yourself, from and to - here is the detailed information about how much it costs:
      Premium Book
      What does the photo album include?
      - Photo album size - choose from: 30 * 20, 20 * 30 or 25 * 25.
      - Cover for choice, one of 4 options (natural and eco-leather, soft and hard photocover with a spine of leather)
      - In the case of leather - free personalization: an engraved iron insert or a photovoltaic system.
      - 10 spreads (20 pages) are included, if more is required - the information is below.
      Big Size
      There is an opportunity to make pages 30 * 30 or 30 * 40. Regardless of the number of pages, the extra charge is one-time. Wedding books are already big size.
      Additional spreads
      One additional spread (2 pages), regardless of page size
      One spread
      Usual Delivery
      By default, albums will be ready in 5 months after payment / wedding. You can bring them from Tel Aviv.
      Fast Delivery
      Albums delivery within 2 months after payment and coordination of photos. Delivery to your post/address.
      Abroad Delivery
      If you want to send it Abroad. For price write me. Albums delivery within 2 months after payment and coordination of photos.
      Case for the Book
      The case is made of wood, completely repeats the design of the photobook. Looks just great!


      What do you need from us to create an album?
      You can entrust the selection of photographs and the choice of album materials to us or to take part in the selection of photographs for the album and the choice of design.

      The best option:
      - You specify what format of the album you want (horizontal, vertical or square)
      - We send you information about the materials of the album, the types and colors of the skin and the material of the paper, you choose several materials that suit you
      - You select 10-15 photographs you especially like from the wedding, and we try to make the book so that these photos are the history of the day and convey the atmosphere as much as possible.

      Most often [number of photos] = [number of spreads] * 4. Sometimes a little less if we have a vertical / square album and we do some of the photos for a full spread.

      IMPORTANT: In cases of selecting photos by you, we still take responsibility to remove 1-3 photos or add 1-2 photos if the album is not to be typed.
      Can I add my photos to the album?
      In the premium package we do not recommend doing this.

      But if you want to add your personal/previously shot photos to the book, it's possible, we can not deny you in this. Add all the photos that you'd like to see in the book to one archive (.zip) and send it to us. The preferable resolution of your pictures is at least 3000px.

      Please note: we do not pick the photos! We put together all the shots that you have sent us.
      What I also need to know?
      You can make a decision about creating a photobook after the photo session, at any time.

      When ordering a photo book please submit all the text information that you want to see inside. We personally are not fans of text; we believe a picture is worth a thousand words. But if you want it, that's not a problem, just send us a written copy with all your comments and requests.

      We do not approve albums, we do not post layouts and screenshots, nor do we deal with collage. Ordering an album in our performance, you agree to our final vision of the album.

      If you want cheaper or more simple albums - we have light photo album option.
      When it will be ready and how I can get it?
      In the case of normal delivery, the album will be ready within 5 months. You can pick it up from us, pre-arrange to meet.

      If you order a fast delivery - the album will be ready within a 2 months after payment and will come to you post office. For this we need your address.

      For abroad delivery it will be also ready within a 2 months after payment and will come to you post office. For this we need your address.

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