Destination Wedding and Elopement Videographer

We specialize in finding unusual locations and taking pictures not only with people, but with people in unusual places.

We have 3 packages: Full Day, Diamond and Budget.

Full day - from 2000€ in most European countries for a full day of shooting and clip (2-4 min) with SoundDesign as result (+ drone, where it is legal) and you do not need to pay any additional costs when shooting near big cities with an airport: we take care of all the logistics.

Diamond - from 3000€ in most European countries. In addition to the main day of shooting, we will book the next day for you as a spare in case of bad weather. This package also includes additional short filming the next day and a movie (8-15 min) with SoundDesign as result.

Budget - 1300€ for a full day of filming. In this package, you take care of all flight bookings, accommodation, covid tests, and transfers: this is the price of the shooting itself, without additional costs.

We work in a team with a destination photographer anywhere in the world. We have a discount for Photo+Video package.
Prices are actual only for bookings in advance (at least 6 months): for last moment reservations price may be higher.

Additional options:
Additional shooting day - 1400€
Clip highlights (2-4 min) change to Author's movie (8-15 min) +400€
Archive film +400€
Second videographer - from 900€
Spare day (in case of bad weather or plan changes) - 600€
Speed up post-production - +20% up to 10 days, +40% up to 5 days.
Matt & Lux
Wedding clip from Iceland Gay Elopement
Ksenia & Kostya by Alice
Wedding in Georgia movie with SoundDesign
Yasya & Ilya
Elopement & Love Story video in Israel
David & Hadar
Wedding highlights clip in Israel

Popular destinations:

North Europe:


Other destinations:

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Also I have a dream about wedding shooting on Easter Island, let's do it?