Post Processing and Retouch:

We believe than almost all shots made by a digital camera need post-processing. To clear any misunderstandings, we decided to provide a visual explanation to what we consider to be post-processing and retouch.

Some photographers try to pass for post-processing an automatic correction in software like Lightroom or Photoshop, and for original retouch – a minor color correction. We think that's an entirely wrong way to treat clients.

All the photos that you get after the shoot have been post-processed. We adjust color correction for every case and crop the image where needed.

In addition to the post-processed photos I often send all the other nice shots as a bonus. They also undergo certain post-processing, but without a detailed color correction – I don't fix shadows/colors in shots with complex lightning; I usually apply about the same settings as for the post-processed photos, which sometimes means the colors do not look perfect. This option is not mentioned in the list of services that we offer, and so it's not granted, but I do my best not to let any good shot from your photo shoot get lost.

Retouch in most cases comes as an extra option. Here we correct any imperfections in the surroundings or in a person – we improve their skin, brighten their eyes, do a facial lift. It's quite a time-consuming and complex process, so unfortunately we can't do it to all the photos on a regular basis. But you can always ask us to retouch the photos you like best as an extra option.

Often you can avoid any need for retouch simply by hiring a professional make-up artist.

Here are 3 visual examples:
Original shot – After post-processing
Original shot – After retouch
After post-processing – After retouch

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