Top places for photo shooting in Jerusalem area

I am Daniel Notcake, photographer in Israel. Most often, the first question when people contacting a photographer is where it's better to do shooting? Here is a list of the most popular locations for photo shoots.

After booking a photo shoot, I will open access to a complete list of locations with my comments and recommendations for each location. In addition, the full list includes those locations in which I have not shot yet, and where may be some special offer for shooting ;)
1) YMCA Tower
2) Yemin Moshe and Montefiore windmill
3) Jerusalem Old City
4) Notre Dam and rooftop
5) Olive grove near Knesset
6) Dome of the Rock
7) West Bank separation wall and Banksy's Walled off Hotel

Bonus locations and comments are after booking.

Nakhalat Tsiyon and Mahane Yehuda Market
German Colony
Ramot Alon dancing houses
Yad Kennedy

Other lists of locations:

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YMCA Tower

YMCA tower became hotel with viewing point now and gives amazing options for photography around with arches etc.
YMCA photography
YMCA tower
YMCA photoshoot
YMCA tower photographer
YMCA Jerusalem

Yemin Moshe and Montefiore windmill

Yemin Moshe is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Jerusalem so it's pretty nice and clean for photography.
Montefiore windmill
Yemin Moshe photography
Yemin Moshe
Yemin Moshe photographer
Yemin Moshe photoshoot
Montefiore windmill photoshoot

Jerusalem Old City Photography

Old City Jerusalem gives hundreds of options for iconic photoshoots with views to Western Wall or with quite streets and arches, views from the city wall and even for proposal with view to Western Wall.
jerusalem old city photoshoot
Jerusalem photo shoot
proposal western wall photoshoot
Иерусалим старый город

Notre Dam and rooftop

notre dam jerusalem
нотр дам иерусалим

Olive grove near Knesset

Dome of the Rock

купол скалы иерусалим
dome of the rock
dome of the rock photography

West Bank separation wall and Banksy's Walled off Hotel

стена палестина израиль
West Bank separation wall
разделительная стена палестина
Banksy's Walled off Hotel


Bethlehem photoshoot
Bethlehem photographer
Bethlehem photography
Full list with my comments - after booking a photo shoot.

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