Maternity photographer in Israel

Maternity photography in Tel Aviv and Israel.
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  • Up to 1 hour
  • At least 40 post-processed photos
  • + best shots are color corrected
  • Post-processing takes 7-14 days
  • Every additional 30 min +150₪

  • Up to 2.5 hours
  • Tips about locations and clothes
  • At least 70 post-processed photos
  • + other best shots are color corrected
  • Lighting equipment (if needed)
  • Post-processing takes 7-10 days
  • Every additional 30 min +150₪
*What you also need to know about photo shoots in Israel:
- Shootings are possible anywhere in Israel, detailed terms - in the section "on-site shootings".
- Yes, we discuss and recommend locations for shooting, but only after booking the date and time.
- We do not book Light and Standard packages much in advance: Light and Standard bookings is possible not earlier than 4 weeks before the shooting date. LUX package reservation is possible on any free date in advance, without any limitations.
- If you want, you can order a make-up artist and a hairdresser, Premium and Light photo books, speed up processing, shooting with the drone, retouch and other additional options.
- Sometimes we announce discounts and photo days on my Instagram. Look, there are a lot of fresh and actual shots!

What to know about maternity photo shoots:

— It's best to have a photo shoot when you are 6.5-7.5 months (28-33 weeks) pregnant. 8th month (35-38th week) can bring along swelling, so it's preferable to have a photo shoot before that.
If you are expecting twins or this isn't your first pregnancy, we advise you to have a photo shoot before you enter 7-7.5 month (31-33 week).

— You can either have a photo shoot alone or with your family. The second option often turns out be even more interesting :)

— For maternity photo shoots we recommend you not to pick a complex route or try to cover many locations in one go like we often do when shooting other types of photo shoots. It's better to focus on a couple of locations and take our time there.

— Remember that preparations for a photo shoot, an idea, and a thought-through image make for half of the success!
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