Travel fee information inside Israel:

We have 3 options for shootings not in Tel Aviv:

1) You drive - You are completely responsible for moving during the route: pick up and drop off the photographer or videographer in Ramla.
2) Meet at point - We arrive at the meeting point and after driving by 2 cars or you are responsible for moving if it's needed (for example, a taxi inside the city if needed)
3) We drive - we are completely responsible for moving during our route
* - price for "we drive" may change if you are located not in Tel Aviv/Ramat Gan area and not on the way.
** - Eilat area in most cases available only for full day photoshoots.

We are working on Shabbath at the same price, without any fees.
In case, if any other team member needs to travel too, travel fees are summed up.
In some cases when logistics are complicated, you may be responsible for the hotel also.

We are responsible for driving during our route:

This package is especially relevant for guests of the country. We can pick you up, take you to any part of Israel and bring you back. Or not back, if we start from Tel Aviv, and you want to stay for some days on the Dead Sea, for example - we can drop you at the hotel.

What else is important to know:
- We drive a Hyundai Bayon 2022. If you have a lot of stuff (for example, you are a guest of the country) - warn us in advance, because the luggage may not fit.
- We can always share the Internet, we have chargers and water.
- We prefer not to drive in big cities (especially Tel Aviv and Jerusalem) by car on working days in the mornings and between 14:00-19:00: this time is unpredictable and our schedule may have changes.
- In the city centers (especially Tel Aviv and Jerusalem) car driving isn't advisable, because of traffic jams and problems with parking. In most cases easier and faster to walk or use a taxi.
- We are alive people and can not guarantee that the trip will pass without an accident. Sometimes we make stops to have a snack, fill the car, go to the toilet and / or take a break. Sometimes there are unpredictable traffic jams happen, so the time written by Waze/Google maps may be less than the real time to get to the location.

If it does not suit you, there are always other options, when you are responsible for the driving.

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