On-site shoots in other cities and transfer information:

We arrive to meeting point and after you are responsible for moving:

If you are planning a photo shoot in Tel Aviv, we usually don't need a transfer fee.

If you want a photo shoot outside Tel Aviv you'll need to additionally cover the photographer's transfer costs to and from the place of the shoot

You can use this formula to calculate an approximate transfer fee
[80 nis] x [Hours on the road]

We are happy to shoot in any corner of Israel, but we also value our time and can't set the same price for shoots that take different amount of time. At the same time in cases of unusual ideas and creative photo shoots we can make an exception and lower the transfer fee.
  • Ramat Gan - 50 nis (Only in Light package, in packages Standard and more it's already included in price)
  • Bat Yam, Herzliya, Kfar Saba, Holon, Rishon, Petah Tikva - 100 nis

* Minimal package for cities below - Standard:

  • Jerusalem, Netaniya, Ashdod, Ashkelon- 150 nis
  • Haifa, Beer Sheva, Acco - 350 nis
  • Tiberias - 400 nis
  • Ein Gedi, Ein Boke - 400 nis
  • Eilat - 500 nis

We are working during Shabbath with same price, without any fees.
In case, if make up artist or second photographer needs transfer too, transfer fees added up.

We are responsible for moving during our route:

This package is especially relevant for guests of the country. We can pick you up, take you to any part of Israel and bring you back. Or not back, if we start from Tel Aviv, and you want to stay for a day on the Dead Sea, for example.

Price depends on the distance of the route.
- Up to 100 kilometers - 250 shekels.
- Every next 100 kilometers - 150 shekels.

The countdown always begins and ends in Tel Aviv.

For convenience, the following are the main shooting routes:

- Tel Aviv - Dead Sea - Tel Aviv - 360-420km, depending on the route - 800 shekels
- Tel Aviv - Mitzpe Ramon - Tel Aviv - 400km - 800 shekels.
- Tel Aviv - Eilat - Tel Aviv - 700km - 1150 shekels. This route is better to plan for 2 days, as there are a lot of interesting locations along the way, for example, Dead Sea, Red Canyon, Timna, Negev and much more.

What else is important to know:
- We drive a Skoda Fabia. If you have a lot of stuff (for example, you are a guest of the country) - be warned in advance, as the luggage may not fit.
- We can always share the Internet, we have chargers and water.
- We are alive people and can not guarantee that the trip will pass without an accident. Sometimes we make stops to have a snack, go toilet and / or take a break. If it does not suit you, there is always a second option of movement, when we simply arrive at the starting point and you are responsible for the movement.

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