On-site shoots in other cities and transfer information:

If you are planning a photo shoot in Tel Aviv, we usually don't need a transfer fee.

If you want a photo shoot outside Tel Aviv you'll need to additionally cover the photographer's transfer costs to and from the place of the shoot

We think it's fair to add transfer costs to the price of a photo shoot – for example, a trip to or from Jerusalem/Ashkelon/Netanya takes on average 3-4 hours, so this time is added to the photo shoot time. This approach helps us keep the prices for photo shoots in Tel Aviv low, and the prices for shoots outside Tel Aviv fair.

You can use this formula to calculate an approximate transfer fee
[50 nis] x [Hours on the road]
Part of this sum covers the transport fee, another part – the time we spend on the road. We are happy to shoot in any corner of Israel, but we also value our time and can't set the same price for shoots that take different amount of time. At the same time in cases of unusual ideas and creative photo shoots we can make an exception and lower the transfer fee.

Photographer transfer fee to some cities:

  • Bat Yam, Ramat Gan - 50 nis (Only in Light package, in packages Standard and more it's already included in price)
  • Herzliya, Kfar Saba, Holon, Rishon, Petah Tikva - 100 nis
  • Jerusalem, Netaniya, Ashdod, Ashkelon- 150 nis (or 100 nis by your car) - in this cities packages usually starts from Standard. But you can ask us about availability Light Package also for date you need.

* Minimal package for cities below - Standard:

  • Haifa, Beer Sheva, Acco - 250 nis (200 nis by your car)
  • Tveriya - 350 nis (200 nis by your car)
  • Ein Gedi, Ein Boke - 400 nis (200 nis by your car)
  • Eilat - 500 nis (300 nis by your car)

If a photo shoot is to take place on Shabbat or at night, the transfer fee is discussed separately, usually is added a taxi-price.

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