Top places for photo shoot in Israel

I am Daniel Notcake, photographer in Israel. Most often, the first question when people contacting a photographer is where it's better to do shooting? Here is a list of the most popular locations for photo shoot in Israel.

After booking a photo shoot, I will open access to a complete list of locations with my comments and recommendations for each location. In addition, the full list includes those locations in which I have not shot yet, and where may be some special offer for shooting ;)
Why did I compile this list? (Click to see)
One way or another, shooting locations are very important. Different locations are good at different time, different clothes are suitable for different locations. This list will help you with navigation the all places for a photo shoot and places for visit in Israel.

I can't "suggest a best location". For some people sea is the best, for someone - it's a roof, for someone it's cool when you can run and take pictures of lifestyle shots in any direction, and there will not be viewers on the background, but some prefer aesthetics of old Jaffa or Dead Sea landscapes. Even if some places are not suitable for a photo shoot, you will surely find something unusual to visit. Especially if you are tourists. ;)

All the photographs here are mine and were taken in 2016-2019, the main point is to show exactly the places where you can do photography, so here are shots only showing the view and background.
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