Visit Jordan and want unforgettable photos?

Visit Jordan and want
unforgettable photos?

Photographer in Jordan

Why us?
Any place and idea
You can bring to life your most crazy and creative ideas in any corner of Jordan. We know all the best spots and always give you a list of options with photos from every location!
You can ask us anything photo-related, we will help with advice!
Experience with tourists
You are a tourist? In Jordan we often work with tourists and those who are in transit from Israel. We know that you want not just any pictures, but photos that express the feel of the country you are visiting and make it recognizable.

Choose photo shoot you want:

Standard Package
up to 6 hours photo shoot
(up to 8 hours include transfer)
Full Day
A full-day photo shoot, ideal for weddings or projects
A full-day photo shoot, 2 photographers
Or 2 full-day photo shoot (accompaniment) by 1 photographer
*It's important:
- The price does not include entrance fee to sightseeing.
- In all packages the start of the photo shoot is planned from Aqaba (if we haven't talking about other places to start). You are responsible for the movement along the route.
Haven't found the package you need? Leave your contact info and we will think of something!

Additional services:

Detailed retouch and body imperfections correction. You can choose the photos for retouch yourself. Read more about retouch in FAQ.
4 photos
Fast post-processing
Speed-up of post-processing period to 3 days
Urgent post-processing
Speed-up of post-processing period to 1 day

Where do we hold photo shoots in Jordan?

In Jordan there are not a lot of interesting places for photo shoots, but they are really unique.

If you come to Aqaba, the nearest places to shoot - Wadi Rum and Petra.
A bit further - Dead Sea and Wadi Mujib.
Even further - Amman, a wonderful anthill with an unusual relief and his own atmosphere.
In addition to specific points, Jordan has excellent roads and serpentines with magnificent views.
How does a photo shot work?
You leave a request
It would be great if you could tell us in detail what result you have in mind, where you want the shoot to take place, and other useful information.
We contact you
Within 12 hours we decide on the photo shoot location and concept, list you all the possible options, and set the date.
We optimize your route
We do a photo shoot in Jordan
You get the photos
During the agreed period after the photo shoot we send you the resulting photos. We also attach a mini guide on how to download the photos in 2 clicks both from a computer and a smartphone.
Jordan is a very picturesque and welcoming country. We will happily show it to you and tell lots of interesting facts and stories about it. Despite being small, Jordan sports unique landscapes and places for photo shoots at every turn, and we have had the chance to travel it far and wide :)

We are ready to go to any place in Jordan.
Amman, Aqaba, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea, Petra.

You want an unforgettable photo shoot?
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