Photo Shoot frequently asked questions

Post Processing and Retouch

We believe than almost all shots made by a digital camera need post-processing. To clear any misunderstandings, we decided to provide a visual explanation to what we consider to be post-processing and retouch.

Some photographers try to pass for post-processing an automatic correction in software like Lightroom or Photoshop, and for original retouch – a minor color correction. We think that's an entirely wrong way to treat clients.

All the photos that you get after the shoot have been post-processed. We adjust color correction for every case and crop the image where needed.

In addition to the post-processed photos I often send all the other nice shots as a bonus. They also undergo certain post-processing, but without a detailed color correction – I don't fix shadows/colors in shots with complex lightning; I usually apply about the same settings as for the post-processed photos, which sometimes means the colors do not look perfect. This option is not mentioned in the list of services that we offer, and so it's not granted, but I do my best not to let any good shot from your photo shoot get lost.

Retouch in most cases comes as an extra option. Here we correct any imperfections in the surroundings or in a person – we improve their skin, brighten their eyes, do a facial lift. It's quite a time-consuming and complex process, so unfortunately we can't do it to all the photos on a regular basis. But you can always ask us to retouch the photos you like best as an extra option.

Often you can avoid any need for retouch simply by hiring a professional make-up artist.

Here are 3 visual examples:
Original shot – After post-processing
Original shot – After retouch
After post-processing – After retouch

How we send photos and how to download it?

We always try to make the process of photos delivery as comfortable as possible.
We send photos through Yandex.Disk cloud drive. It's really convenient:

- You receive a link and can download the photos both from your smartphone and computer.
When using a computer you can download everything in a single archive (by pressing the Download button in the upper right corner).
If you use a smartphone, you need to go link we send:
You can either download pictures separately (first 3 screenshots) or in a single archive (last screenshot). To do so you should scroll down to where the page ends and click the Download button. Unfortunately, this option is only available for Android phones; iPhones do not support archives.
It's important: Please, don't just take screenshots of your phone!

You can see how it's convenient for yourself – here is an example.

- We store photos on Yandex.Disk for at least a month, so you are not limited to a specific date and place; you can download the shots any time you like.

- You can share the photos with your relatives or friends in a single click. To do so you just need to send them the link, and they will have immediate access to the photos.

- We send you all the retouched photos in maximum resolution, which is about 5000*3500 pixels. This resolution is enough to print the photos right away in perfect 300 dpi quality in size 45*30 cm, or in good 150 dpi quality in one-meter size. And with a little work that resolution is enough to print a full-wall version of a photo :)
Bonus shots are usually 3000*2000 pixels.

Sometimes there is a need for smaller pictures. For example, you want to send your wedding reception photos to all the guests. Downloading the photos in full resolution can take a lot of time, so to avoid that we could send you copies of those photos in web format, i.e. 1200*800 pixels or a bit bigger. Such photographs can be easily flipped through on a phone regardless of how many there are.

Please, don't just take screenshots of your phone!
We are trying to present all the photos in good resolution and quality, so if you then go on and use screenshots it means all our efforts have gone in vain :)

On-site shoots in other cities:

If you are planning a photo shoot in Tel Aviv, we usually don't need a transfer fee.

If you want a photo shoot outside Tel Aviv you'll need to additionally cover the photographer's transfer costs to and from the place of the shoot

We think it's fair to add transfer costs to the price of a photo shoot – for example, a trip to or from Jerusalem/Ashkelon/Netanya takes on average 3-4 hours, so this time is added to the photo shoot time. This approach helps us keep the prices for photo shoots in Tel Aviv low, and the prices for shoots outside Tel Aviv fair.

You can use this formula to calculate an approximate transfer fee
[50 nis] x [Hours on the road]
Part of this sum covers the transport fee, another part – the time we spend on the road. We are happy to shoot in any corner of Israel, but we also value our time and can't set the same price for shoots that take different amount of time. At the same time in cases of unusual ideas and creative photo shoots we can make an exception and lower the transfer fee.

The transfer fee to some cities (if possible to reach by public transport at the right time) is listed below:

  • Bat Yam, Holon, Rishon, Petah Tikva - 50 nis
  • Herzliya, Kfar Saba - 100 nis
  • Jerusalem, Netaniya, Ashdod, Ashkelon- 150 nis
  • Haifa, Beer Sheva, Acco - 250 nis
  • Tveriya - 350 nis
  • Ein Gedi, Ein Boke - 400 nis
  • Eilat - 500 nis

If a photo shoot is to take place on Shabbat or at night, the transfer fee is discussed separately, usually it's equal to taxi-price.
Wedding photo shoot
We reserve the date for a wedding photo shoot only after you have deposited a 30-50% prepayment and signed a service agreement.
Photo shoots in other countries
If you want a photo shoot in another country, we reserve the date only after you have deposited a prepayment. The price for a photo shoot in another country is calculated case by case.
We have a very responsible approach to our photo shoots and are always ready to help our clients with anything. So we expect you to show the same amount of responsibility when it comes to reserving the date and preparing for the shoot. Due to the rise in date shifts and shoots cancellation at the last moment, we are now forced to ask for a prepayment. It will guarantee the date reservation both for you and for us.

Prepayment is usually calculated by this formula:
[50 nis] x [Hours on the shoot]
+ transfer costs (only for shoots outside Tel Aviv)
For example, prepayment for a Light photo shoot in Tel Aviv will be 100 shekels.
You can learn more on the prepayment page. There you can also deposit a prepayment after you make preliminary reservation.

We understand your concerns and mistrust of prepayments, so we have made this process as transparent and comfortable for you as possible: you can make a two-click prepayment via Paypal or through a bank-to-bank transfer to Bank Leumi.

Photo Books

Print photo books albums in israel
Here is an example of our Light photo book.
    What you should know when ordering a photo book (click here to learn):
    • A standard book has 24 pages. Price for this album is 500 nis. If you need more, it can be arranged for additional price, every 8 pages is 100 nis.

    • The pages are thick, made of two sheets of heavyweight photo paper glued together. The photo book is 20*30 cm and has no folds, so a photo can occupy a whole spread (up to 40*30 cm). That way they look particularly cool :)

    • When ordering a photo book please submit all the text information that you want to see inside. We personally are not fans of text; we believe a picture is worth a thousand words. But if you want it, that's not a problem, just send us a written copy with all your comments and requests.

    • If you want to add your personal/previously shot photos to the book, it's possible. Add all the photos that you'd like to see in the book to one archive and send it to us. The preferable resolution of your pictures is at least 2000px. Please note: we do not pick the photos! We put together all the shots that you have sent us.

    • When the photo book is ready, you can collect it from any part of the country: we send it to the Boxit system, so you'll only need a password. It's very easy and convenient.

    Family photo book in Israel
    Photo book in Tel Aviv


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