Photo Shoot frequently asked questions
We have a very responsible approach to our photo shoots and are always ready to help our clients with anything. So we expect you to show the same amount of responsibility when it comes to reserving the date and preparing for the shoot. Due to the rise in date shifts and shoots cancellation at the last moment, we are now forced to ask for a prepayment. It will guarantee the date reservation both for you and for us.

Prepayment is usually calculated by this formula:
[50 nis] x [Hours on the shoot]
+ transfer costs (only for shoots outside Tel Aviv)
For example, prepayment for a Light photo shoot in Tel Aviv will be 100 shekels.
You can learn more on the prepayment page. There you can also deposit a prepayment after you make preliminary reservation.

We understand your concerns and mistrust of prepayments, so we have made this process as transparent and comfortable for you as possible: you can make a two-click prepayment via Paypal or through a bank-to-bank transfer to Bank Leumi.


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