Additional services:

You can see the prices for our photo shoots on a correspondent page. Here is the list of additional services:
On-site shoots
We do photo shoots all around Israel and know all the best spots! But please mind that shoots outside Tel Aviv require traveling costs coverage. Read more in FAQ
Fast post-processing
Speed-up of post-processing period to 3 days
( at least 100₪)
Urgent post-processing
Speed-up of post-processing period to 1 day
( at least 200₪)
In some cases, especially in daylight shooting, an assistant is required
from 200₪
Make Up/Hair
We work with best experts. More information about make up and examples.
from 300₪
Detailed retouch and body imperfections correction. You can choose the photos for retouch yourself. Read more about retouch in FAQ
4 photos
A quadcopter can be arranged for any photo shoot of your choosing. But please mind that some places are off-limits for quadcopters; be sure to check it in advance. See some examples here
Studio photo shoots require an additional fee to cover the studio rent. As a rule studio photo shoots take about 1 hour. We have put together a guide on how to find an alternative to interior studios in Israel.
from 100₪
Book Light
Photo album for your special day. Read more in FAQ
Book Premium
An ideal photo book for your special day. Premium Book in FAQ
Slide Show
Some events (e.g. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs or weddings) require a slideshow of photos made before the occasion. We can make such slideshows; read more in FAQ.
Personal Meeting
We book personal meetings before shooting only in wedding packages and LUX packages. In all other packages we solve all questions by phone or mail. If you think that you need a personal meeting - it is possible for an additional fee, in Tel Aviv. Meeting up to 1.5 hours in duration and paid in advance.
For your eyes only
By agreeing to a photo shoot you also give permission to post your photos in social media on open access. If you want a 100% private photo shoot with resulting photos for your eyes only, it will cost additional 40% of the stated price.
Black-and-white copies of all the post-processed photos