Prepayment and how it can be deposited:

Prepayment for non-wedding shoots in Israel is usually calculated by this formula:
[100 nis] х [Hours on the shoot]
+ transfer costs (only for shoots outside Tel Aviv or at shabbath)

For wedding packages in Israel - 30-40% of package cost
For weddings abroad - 50% of package (+ tickets and accommodation, if it isn't included)

Important: The prepayment is taken to book the date-time for you and is not refundable. Please, be responsible to booking the date.
Why we ask for a prepayment? (click here to learn)
We have a very responsible approach to our photo shoots and are always ready to help our clients with anything. So we expect you to show the same amount of responsibility when it comes to reserving the date and preparing for the shoot. Due to the rise in date shifts and shoots cancellation at the last moment, we are now forced to ask for a prepayment. It will guarantee the date reservation both for you and for us.

We truly believe that if you are serious about a photo shoot and have chosen the date responsibly, it won't bother you to make two clicks to deposit a prepayment. And if it's just a whim on your part, why should we reserve the date for you and deny someone an opportunity to have a photo shoot instead? :)

At the same time if you cancel the shoot not at the last moment, we try to reach a compromise and find another suitable date.

Bank-to-bank transfer inside Israel:

The simplest and most common way to deposit a prepayment is through a bank-to-bank transfer inside Israel. If you prefer this option, let us know and we will send you our bank account details.


Now we are trying new service paysend. It has less commission then paypal, better change rate and you can choose your currency, so less convertations. It's very actual for big prepayments.
It works with most of European countries, Australia, USA, Canada, Turkey, UAE, India and some other countries.


It's simple and quick. For standard photo packages you can pick a corresponding option from the list and deposit a prepayment.
For other packages we first draw up an request, which you can also pay in two clicks.
Please note: PayPal collects a high service fee, so we have to add 5% to the prepayment.
Please note: for payments not in Shekels, usually we convert amount of prepayment to equal shekels (stock exchange at the moment of prepayment) and do request in shekels. Convert rate in PayPal more then in stock (they have commissions again), so it may be 2-4% more in other currencies.
Prepayment for Light photo shoots without transfer costs
100₪+5₪ commission
Prepayment for Standard photo shoots without transfer costs
200₪+10₪ commission
Prepayment for Light photo shoots with transfer costs (Jerusalem/Ashdod/Netanya)
250₪+13₪ commission
Prepayment for Standard photo shoots with transfer costs (Jerusalem/Ashdod/Netanya)
350₪+18₪ commission

Unusual options:

Prepayment 150 nis
150₪+8₪ commission
Prepayment 300 nis
300₪+15₪ commission
Prepayment 500 nis
500₪+25₪ commission
Prepayment 600 nis
600₪+30₪ commission
Prepayment 650 nis
650₪+32₪ commission
Prepayment 1000 nis
1000₪+50₪ commission

Buttons for tv/news:

Video 450 nis
450₪ commission
Video exclusive 2500 nis
2500₪ commission

Currency converter to be more comfortable: