How we send photos and how to download it?

We always try to make the process of photos delivery as comfortable as possible.
We send photos with 3 ways:

1) Cloud service Yandex.Disk:
It can be viewed both from computer and phone. In this way, photos sending in full resolution and best quality. We use this option by default. Album sample.
2) Google Photo:
These are handy albums that are kept forever. Unfortunately, they are not in full quality, but the photo resolution remains very good. To download photos from your computer, click on the dots in the right-top corner and "download all." From the phone - go to the one photo, click on the dots and "download". Album sample.
3) Pixieset:
In some cases, we send web albums in this way. Photos will be not full resolution, but they can also be downloaded and good quality: on the computer you need scroll through the cover and on the right-top under the photos there will be a button "Download". From the phone, this button will be below each photo. Important: We do not keep albums on pixieset longer than 3 weeks. Album sample.
Please, don't just take screenshots of your phone!
We are trying to present all the photos in good resolution and quality, so if you then go on and use screenshots it means all our efforts have gone in vain :)

How to download photos from Yandex.Disk:

It's Important: Yendex.Disk changes languages as he want sometimes and it may be in English/Russian/Hebrew. So better to look at pictures!

can download the photos both from your smartphone and computer.
When using a computer you can download everything in a single archive (by pressing the Download button in the upper right corner).
If you use a smartphone, you need to go link we send:
You can either download pictures separately (first 3 screenshots) or in a single archive (last screenshot). To do so you should scroll down to where the page ends and click the Download button. Unfortunately, this option is only available for Android phones; iPhones do not support archives correct.
It's important: Please, don't just take screenshots of your phone!

You can see how it's convenient for yourself – here is an example.

- We store photos on Yandex.Disk for at least a month, so you are not limited to a specific date and place; you can download the shots any time you like.

- You can share the photos with your relatives or friends in a single click. To do so you just need to send them the link, and they will have immediate access to the photos.

- We send you all the retouched photos in maximum resolution, which is about 5000*3500 pixels. This resolution is enough to print the photos right away in perfect 300 dpi quality in size 45*30 cm, or in good 150 dpi quality in one-meter size. And with a little work that resolution is enough to print a full-wall version of a photo :)
Bonus shots are usually 3000*2000 pixels.

Sometimes there is a need for smaller pictures. For example, you want to send your wedding reception photos to all the guests. Downloading the photos in full resolution can take a lot of time, so to avoid that we could send you copies of those photos in web format, i.e. 1200*800 pixels or a bit bigger. Such photographs can be easily flipped through on a phone regardless of how many there are.

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