TFP in Israel

Time For Print photo shoots in Israel and other countries
Many people think that TFP equals "free of charge", but that's not exactly the issue. Sure, the photographer works for free, but they invest their time and effort. So it's very important for the photographer to get good results and nice pictures that they can proudly add to their portfolio.

Every week we receive requests for a TFP shoot. But unfortunately, not everyone understands the specifics of this format.

We are ready to work on a TFP basis only if specific conditions are met:

  • The model and the idea are of interest to us;
  • The model has some modeling experience, plus they attach a portfolio, even if it's small and not very professional;
  • The model is easy to communicate with and is ready to send us some additional pictures, photos of outfits, or any other details that are relevant for a photo shoot. They can think through some parts of the shoot and, if necessary, do their makeup by themselves;
  • The model is never late for our meeting and comes looking the way we have agreed upon beforehand;
  • The model is ready to sign a model release agreement in Russian and/or English.

If you are ready to comply with everything listed above, we will perform our part of the job accordingly.
The resulting shots are all retouched and stamped with a copyright. We do not send out the original RAW photos.
We choose the photos for retouch ourselves. The minimum of shots you'll get is five, the maximum is not limited and mostly depends on you :)

Please don't think we have put on airs – we are happy to work on TFP basis! But only if the idea is original and interesting enough, and if you are ready to put the same amount of effort to make it come true :)
The summer of 2018 has set a record in meaningless TFP requests, so we have decided to only collect those through a web form.

Unfortunately, we don't have the time to guess when and where you will be, what kind of a photo shoot you would like, what interesting sights there are in your area, etc. You can find the link to the form below. We will see your request the second you submit it. We also recommend you to carefully read the info on this page.