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Yasya & Ilya
Elopement & Love Story video in Israel
Ksenia & Kostya by Alice
Wedding in Georgia movie with SoundDesign
About us and our work (Click to read)
I am Daniel Notcake, top 1 photographer in Israel according to MyWed ('19, '20, '21, '22) and Fearless Photographers ('20) ranking, 2 most popular international wedding portals, and also ProWedAward ('19, '20, '21, '22). All shots on the site are mine. More fresh photos you can find on Instagram or by hashtag #notcake_wedding.

I have a team with 3 photographers and 4 videographers. We are photographers who are easy to work with. We understand how important this day is for you and we'll be glad to help you make it better. For us, the main thing is that you were comfortable. We have no perfect luxury brides, no masterclass shootings, just the ordinary guys who want something unusual and, often, completely don't know how to pose.

At the wedding, we follow the documentary and reporting style: we try to catch the most interesting moments so that you can relive these emotions from the photos.
During pre-wedding photoshoots, we focus on you and locations - this is what I do better than the vast majority of photographers and how I won awards at international wedding competitions. Inspired by travel bloggers on Instagram? I will make your photos better than theirs. ;)

We are for quality service. We have the most transparent pricing system: you simply choose wedding package or compose a package of what you need: photos, videos, albums, a second photographer, pre-wedding/save the date/trash the dress/love story. For packages Photo+Video+Albums there is no travel fee up to Haifa/Jerusalem/Beer Sheva.

We have third-party insurance, which is required for shooting in some venues. All taxes are already included in the price: you do not need to add MAAM / VAT. We do not bargain: these are the final prices.

To book the date we send the contract online and take a deposit 30-40% of the package price. Usually, we do not meet to sign the contract and do it distantly: making a prepayment means your agreement with the contract.

After booking, we will ask you to fill out a wedding brief to be on the same wave with you: you have certain wishes and it is really important for us that they come true. It is really important for us that your expectations are met.

Wedding photo shoot price

Photographer Daniel Notcake
Up to 6 hours
Full day (up to 12 hours)
I'll capture the atmosphere of the wedding party and bring you back there every time you look at the pictures. I'll create you better photos than any travel bloggers have. Let's have fun and make memories!

In all packages is included:
  • Shooting by me by camera and drone
  • Spare camera, cards, batteries, and a set of light where it's needed
  • Full-resolution photos will be sent via cloud service with a gallery option within 2 months after the wedding without tags/copyrights.

If the date you need is booked or it is expensive, you can always book a photographer from our team. The cost of 6 hours is 3300 nis, full day - 4800 nis. Write me for details.

Package wedding offers

Short but gold:

Photography 6 hours Daniel Notcake
Videography 6 hours + clip Highlights
Wedding books Premium 30x60 + 2 books 20x40

Photography: full day Daniel Notcake + second photographer ceremony & venue

Videography full day
Clip highlights (2-4 min) + Archive film (30-60 min) OR Author's Movie (8-15 min)
* You can change the second photographer for the second videographer

Wedding books Premium 30x60 + 2 books 20x40

Photography: full day Daniel Notcake + second photographer

Videography full day

  • Second cameraman for the ceremony and venue
  • Clip Highlights (2−4 min) with SoundDesign + Ceremony video
  • Author's Movie (8−15 min) OR Archive film (30−60 min)

Prewedding/trash the dress additional day: up to 2.5 hours photoshoot with Daniel Notcake and videography + clip Highlights

Wedding books Premium 30×60 + 2 books 20×40

Travel fee up to Jerusalem/Haifa/Beer Sheva is already included in all packages.

Want unusual and memorable photos from your wedding?

Addition options:

Click to find out
We have 3 videographers in the team. There are prices:

  • Wedding clip highlights 3300/4500 nis: 6 hours/full day of filming + clip Highlights 2-4 min
  • Change Wedding Clip (2-4min) to Movie (8-15min) +1000 nis
  • SoundDesign +500 nis (only additional to clip or movie)
We all work with sound, light, and drones.
Wedding videos and more details are on the videographer in Israel page.
Wedding photographer from our team
6 hours/full day - 3300/4800 nis. Shooting is not by me, but by a photographer from our team: Alice and Alex work with me as second photographers, but they will be happy to help you if I have already booked the date you need.
Second Photographer
Photographer from the main team 6/9/12 hours - 1300/1600/2000 nis.

I do not require a second photographer for weddings above 100-200 people. But you must understand that I have two hands and I can miss something. I choose the second photographer for your specific case and request - this is a wedding photographer from our team, with whom we share responsibilities. I sincerely advise you to book a second photographer, if the budget allows.
    Pre-Wedding, Trash the dress, save the date, love story
    This is what we do, without hyperbole, the best. There are 2 options:

    Standard, up to 2.5 hours - 2200 nis
    Full day - from 3500 nis
    Detailed on the pages. In all cases travel fee is not included.

    P.S. We sincerely advise you to make photo shoot for you two on a separate day, without trying to catch everything on the wedding day. Wedding day - it is more about the ceremony, relatives and guests ;)
    Magnets Photographer for the Wedding
    We have 2 magnet photographers in our team.

    1 photographer for magnets - 1300 shekels
    Photographer with assistant - 1700 shekels

    • Unlimited sublimation magnets
    • 20 * 15 magnets - 6 pax
    • Flash drive/disc on key with photos or cloud upload
    • Always extra light
    • Up to 6 hours of work or until 00:00 hours (what's earlier)
    • Travel: to Jerusalem, Natanya, Beer Sheva - free of charge.

    For weddings of 150+ people, the photographer works only with an assistant, because he does not have time to print magnets in another case. Magnets photographer without an assistant works for relaxed weddings with low amount of people.

    When we work in a team with our magnet, we exchange photographs: for example, photographs from preparations or shooting for two can be ready on magnets at a wedding.

    More info on Magnets Photographer page.
    Travel fee
    In Tel Aviv area we don't have travel fee. For packages Photo+Video travel fee up to Haifa/Jerusalem/Beer Sheva is included.
    For other cases travel fee you can check on special page.
    Premium Photobooks
    We do incredible high-quality leather and linen books, printed on silk paper with glass/steel inserts.

    Photobook 30x60 with decorations: 1900 nis
    Photobook 30x60 + 2 books 20x40 for relatives: 2900 nis
    Every additional 20x40 book: +500 nis
    Delivery to your home is included.

    Detailed information and albums photos are on the premium photobook page.
    Also, you can always print an album from our photos by yourself wherever you want: we do not limit the printing.
    Wedding style: make up and hair
    We work together with very cool girls and sincerely recommend them. Detailed information on the page the makeup artist / wedding stylist. Girls give small discount if you booked us.
    By the way, test makeup can be combined with a pre-wedding photo shoot ;)
    Wedding bouquet and flower decorations
    We work together with very cool girls and sincerely recommend them. Detailed information on the page wedding florist in Israel. Girls give small discount if you booked us.

    Our girls can do everything related to flowers. Starting with the bride's bouquet and decorating the arch and tables at your wedding, and ending with the organization of an arch in nature with a delivery to any unusual locations, even to the Dead Sea.
    Fast post production
    You can order fast photo/video editing.
    Speed up photo editing within 7 days after the wedding +20%
    Within 3 days + 40%
    Speed up video edition within 2 weeks after the wedding +20%
    Within 1 week + 40%
    Check possibility personally.


    Click to find out
    How many hours do we need?
    Timing and movement are different for every wedding, but more often:
    6 hours - only shooting in the venue OR preparation and outdoor love story for example.
    9 hours - filming preparation and in the venue or filming some outdoor love story and in the venue.
    10-12 hours - preparation, a short walking outdoor and shooting in the venue.

    If you don't know at the moment how long time you will need on the wedding day, you can book the shortest package to fix the date for you and change package hours it in the future (+500 nis/hour). One caveat - if we change prices, then the package change will be at the new prices.
    Do we need a second photographer?
    Moments when a second photographer is needed:
    • Preparations are planned in different locations for bride and groom.
    • Very busy schedule on the day of wedding.
    • Big families, many relatives and everyone wants photos.
    • There are many guests, at the same time there is no magnet and the guests are expecting a photos.
    • Religious wedding (different gender photographers).
    If at least 2 points are match, you should think about a second photographer. :)
    What's the difference between a wedding clip, author's movie and archive film?
    A wedding clip is what is called a highlights, a 2-4 minute dynamic video of the highlights of your wedding.

    An author's wedding movie is a 8-15 minute video. It is not so dynamic, but it contains more material, more moments from the ceremony and is more enjoyable to look over many years after the wedding. It makes sense to book an author's movie for weddings 9-12 hours.

    An archive film is 30-60 minute video, edited in chronology, without much editing, to see the whole wedding in its entirety. Recommended for those who need looonger. :) An archive film is needed to preserve even more moments from the wedding and remember more of the atmosphere of this day for the future, as well as to please grandparents.
    Will you be photographer our wedding?
    Yes, if you book me - of course, I will shoot your wedding in person. This is always noted in the contract. The photographers from our team have a different price and we always specify who exactly will shoot.
    What if the date is busy or you are already booked abroad?
    If your date is already booked by another shooting, I would gladly recommend my team. We work both together and separately. I personally take care of almost all the organization of the team, even when other team members are shooting, so it's easier to book everything by writing to me.

    My abroad weddings:

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    We have a lot of experience in shoting in Europe and Asia: in total we have 70+ countries visited. We are happy to take up pre-wedding and wedding photoshoots not only in Israel, but also abroad. Most often we come with weddings to the Iceland, Jordan, UK and Turkey, but not only this: we are open to any countries.

    We think over incredible routes for 1-3 days and take truly unusual photos that will be remembered for a lifetime. This is what we do best.

    For those who order a wedding in Israel and plans to do the ceremony abroad, we have special offers. It is possible that, along with the already familiar photographer, you will be more comfortable. Write to us if you are interested in this option!
    Want unusual and memorable photos from your wedding?

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