Wedding Brief for photo shoot

Definitely, you have the expectations from your wedding photos, video and albums. Our most important service is to meet your expectations. That's why we want to know more details about your upcoming event - to do everything exactly the way you want to without miss something important for you.

Please fill out this brief when you are ready. It is not necessary to do this immediately after booking. It is better to complete this form when you are relaxed and most of the details are already known. If any items are not relevant to you just skip them - there are no required columns except your Name.
Your names:
Wedding date:
Scheduled date of Love Story:
Relevant if package includes Love Story shooting
Name and address of the wedding venue, availability of parking:
Planned number of guests:
Describe the timing of your wedding day:
We are interested in all details! For example: 12:00 - begin of make-up&hairstyle in the Hotel, address **, parking available; 15:00 - finish make-up&hairstyle, shooting of the preparation; 16:00 - Groom arrives in the Hotel, the first meeting, then free time; 18:00 - you need to be at restaurant, meet relatives; 20:00 - ceremony; 23:00 - the end.
Preparations: how many people will be?
Relevant if we plan to shoot preparations. Usually we do not recommend to invite a lot of bridesmaids to preparations as it often delays, your bridesmaids get bored, the number of possible camera angles is limited and it will be very difficult to pay attention to everyone in a small room.
Are you planning a first meeting?
Someone does not show the dress to the groom before the wedding, someone refers to the first meeting on the wedding day more calmly. Write to us to be in the know :) The question is not relevant for religious weddings.
About the banquet: do I have a carte blanche or you have preferences?
I have a peculiar reporting style, I always try to be in the center of the party and shoot a drive. Especially, it is true for Israeli weddings. Usually I try not to interrupt the banquet and ceremony.
Is there will be magnet photographer/Magneti?
Actual for weddings in Israel only. Allows us to understand how to interact with guests and plan some nuances in advance. Sometimes it is possible to prepare cameras to give to Magneti a sd-card with captured photos so he could print them right at the wedding. It is very heartwarming for your relatives especially if they came from far away.
Something else that important to you and you want to share it with us?
Photobook - do you have preferences?
Relevant if you ordered a photobook.
Did you order a third-party videographer, emcee or someone we need to know about?
The Agreement
Sometimes it turns out that we have booked a date, but were too busy and didn’t signed the agreement. It is important that the agreement was reviewed by you. I am attaching the standard agreement for this case. Please click the button above and you will get the sample.
Wedding dress and Groom's suit:
Now the hardest part. Take your husband to sleep and upload a photo of the dress. Mostly we need information about the dress as there may be limitations on shooting. For example, you have 2-meter train and we shouldn't plan an activities and long walks.
Psss, how you found me?
** Please fill out the part below only if you booked the videographer through us.**
Do you have music preferences?
Do you need any text on video?
We prefer videos without text and usually the maximum that we write are names and dates. If you want something specific - please write in advance what exactly.
Is there something else important in your clip?