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Want photo shoot at 9-15 of August? We have a special offer!

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Hi, I'm Daniel and my dream is to shoot the coolest wedding in London. Your wedding.
Want to see lively and emotional style and unusual locations/angles? We will do it better then anybody.

Prices are already specified with flights/accommodation and any additional expenses: this is the full price of the photo shoot, without any extra charges.

If you are planning a small photo shoot - leave a request, it is possible that we will be in London on these dates and we will be able to make an interesting offer for you.

For weddings and Love Story at the 9-15 of August:

9, 14, 15 of August we have a special offer:
up to 2 hours photo shoot
up to 5 hours photo shoot
Full Day
up to 10 hours photo shoot / Wedding

Other dates November-February: Photographer in London

up to 6 hours photo shoot
Full Day
up to 12 hours photo shoot

Other dates March-October: Wedding Photographer in London

up to 6 hours photo shoot
Full Day
up to 12 hours photo shoot
Haven't found the package you need or planing small photo shoot? Leave your contact info and we will think of something!
How does a photo shot work?
You leave a request
It would be great if you could tell us in detail what result you have in mind, where you want the shoot to take place, and other useful information.
We contact you
Within 12 hours we decide on the photo shoot location and concept, list you all the possible options, and set the date.
We optimize your route
We do a photo shoot
You get the photos
During the agreed period after the photo shoot we send you the resulting photos. We also attach a mini guide on how to download the photos in 2 clicks both from a computer and a smartphone.

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