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This is our special package, especially for elopement, pre-wedding and full-day photo shoots. Fresh shots you can check on my Instagram and via hashtag #notcake_wedding.

We plane an unusual route for full day shooting and moving together with you. In this package, we do all the logistics and organization by ourselves: You do not need to bother about anything other than the wishes of the shooting.

Why this package is convenient for you?

Looking for a makeup artist, make arrangements with him, hire transfers/rent a car and coordinating the whole process of shooting is not easy. In this package, we will do it by ourselves, like everything else.

Sometimes you need to visit few remote places, for example: you want to shoot in Jerusalem, then get to the Dead Sea, take pictures in the desert landscapes and with relief salt, and finish it all after sunset with photos of the stars.
In such cases, we need very careful scheduling of timing and route is required: you need to know the exact location and be in certain places at the most successful time with best light. We really know how to do it in a best way and this is our main specialization, we do this kind of shootings all around the world.

If you come to Israel only for few days for a pre-wedding/elopement or honeymoon, for example, and want to see unique places that are only in Israel - this package is exactly for you. We are not guides, but we will tell a lot of interesting things during photo shoot. Yes, we do know all the photogenic locations in Israel.

How it works?

Request and booking
You choose date-time and approximate requests for places. After that, make a prepayment for reservation. For convenience, the prepayment of the LUX package does not depend on the options and is 1000 shekels.
Route, Look and Timing
After booking, we build a route with detailed timing, propose options and give recommendations on clothes for shooting: I always ask you to send photos of you in clothes that you want to use to understand how it fits with the selected locations and maybe slightly change the plan or advise other clothes.
Shooting day
n the morning a makeup artist / hairdresser comes to you, then I join to you with an assistant or a second photographer.
Getting photos
You receive the processed photos within 30 days after shooting, through a cloud service. In some cases editing may take up to 45 days, but I'll warn about it personally: sometimes I have a lot of shootings abroad, but edition is better to do at home with 2 big displays.
Important: during the summer months in Israel is quite hot and there are practically no clouds, so shooting in the midday at open space is difficult, and at noon - almost impossible. We do route and schedule based on this: for 6-12 hours routes at the daytime, we most often plan long driving or shooting in shadow at this time, and we focus on shooting at sunset and sunrise: this is better both because of light and temperature. For small shootings you can check love story page.

Important: Relax, 6-12 hours shooting doesn't mean that you need to pose all the time! It tires, we understant, that we are working not with models, so we do a lot of breaks during shooting and rare do shooting more then 30-40 minutes in a row.

How Much?

Prices are based on 3 common parts:
- Do you need make up/hairstyle
- Do you need assistant/second photographer/video
- You are responsible for driving during the route or we are. Will we start from Tel Aviv, or from other place

We have prepared a simple table from which you can easily understand the cost of shooting.

For convenience, the prepayment of the LUX package does not depend on the options and is 1000 shekels per day booking. Within 5 days after making the prepayment (but no later than 7 days before the shooting) you can determine the options you need and write them to us.
Up to 6 hours since the meeting.
- Route planning together with you, logistics recommendations and look advices
- Main photographer - Daniel Notcake, drone included
- Post-Processing of all successful photos (we do not write a specific limits, but on average it's from 200 photos from the filming day)
- Retouch up to 10 shots (only in this package we have this option)
- Lighting equipment and B/W copies, if needed
up to 6 hours
Same, Up to 12 hours since the meeting.
up to 12 hours
Additional day
Additional day helps visit more remote locations, less depend on weather and do more relaxed shooting without running in trying to do everything
- For night break I need at least 8.5 hours to sleep and take shower.
- If night is planing not in Tel Aviv, you are responsible for accommodation.

+1 day
Up to 6 hours since the meeting.
In detail about assistand (in developing)
up to 6 hours
Same, Up to 12 hours since the meeting.
up to 12 hours
On-Site shoots
We work everywhere in Israel. We can organize all transfers or come to you
In detail about transfer fees
make uP or Hairstyle
The make-up artist comes to your house / hotel for an hour /hour and a half before our meeting with you.
The make-up artist helps you to look more beautiful, be more confident during shooting and help me to catch more beautiful shots.
Our artists works examples - make up and hairstyles
Make up + hairstyle

What else do you need to know?

- During photo shoot photographer moves with you, in your car, if we don't agree on another. In some cases we can help you with transfer, if it needed.
- During shooting, we take breaks for food on average every 5 hours. There is nothing worse than a hungry photographer and models at a photo shoot :)
- Yes, it's possible to change any amount of clothes/looks, but remember: look - isn't only dress! It's better to do one really cool look with a lot of details, then 5 times change dresses without any details ;)
Write us to book the day!

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