Videographer in Jordan - Wedding and Elopement Video Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea, Amman

Tamara & Dean
Elopement in Petra, Jordan video highlights by Alice Notcake
Mona & Dane
Wadi Rum Elopement Wedding in Jordan by Alice Notcake
We do best wedding and elopement videos in any location in Jordan: Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea, Amman. Elopement for 2 of you, quite private ceremony or wedding with hundreds of guests - doesn't matter, we can cover everything.

6 hours

Videography up to 6 hours. Clip highlights 2-4 min as the result. Fits for Petra or Wadi Rum.
Full Day

Videography up to 10-12 hours. Clip highlights 2-4 min as the result. Fits for Petra and Wadi Rum.
*Second videographer +1800$
*Additional day +1800$
*Additional videography up to 4 hours +1200$
*Long movie 30-60 min +1000$
*Discount for photo + video package - 400$
Diamond - 2 days

The same as in the Full Day +
Spare day in case of bad weather
Additional videography up to 2.5 hours
Ceremony by additional standalone camera
Long movie 20-60 min or change highlights to author's movie 8-15 min
Sneak peek 30 sec in up to 3 days
value of 6400$
Lux - Photo and Video - 2 days

Diamond photo and video packages by Daniel and Alice Notcake
Full day + spare day + additional photoshoot up to 2.5 hours
Digital photos + Polaroid + Slideshow as the result of photography
Clip highlights and the long movie as the result of videography
Sneak peek 20-30 photos and 30 sec video in up to 3 days
+Faster editing: photos in up to 2 weeks, video in up to 1 month
value of 13500+$
Additional options:

Long movie 30-60 min or change highlights to author's movie 8-15 min +1000$
Ceremony video by standalone camera +200$
Additional video with speeches +200$
Sneak peek 30 sec in up to 3 days after the wedding +300$
Second videographer +1800$
Speed up editing:
+10% editing in 1 month, +25% in 2 weeks
Spare day (booking only in advance) +1000$
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For shooting raw/footage, where smooth movement without jerks is important, we use a gimbal. In those moments where it is important to show a sense of presence and greater mobility is needed, we shoot handheld. We use a drone in moments where it is important to show the scale and the landscape. Important: We only use drones where it is legal and makes sense.

When filming a highlights clip, we record important moments that could potentially be included in the clip, since its duration is 2-4 minutes. For example, we do not write down the entire speeches. We catch moments when newlyweds or guests laugh, something funny and unusual happens, which should be included in the highlights video. You can order recording of speeches separately and get this video as an additional file.

When filming a long movie (20-60 minutes), we film everything that happens, and also put a second camera on a tripod (if available) to record the ceremony. When shooting a movie and in the Diamond package, a full recording of the speeches is already included. Important: be sure to warn the videographer in advance when/where the speeches will be spoken so that he has time to turn on the sound and start recording the video.
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Backstage Elopement
Backstage Elopement in Jordan Wadi Rum Petra by Daniel Notcake, editing by Alice Notcake
Cassandra & Kristof
Elopement wedding in Iceland - Reynisfjara & Caves of Hella by Alice Notcake

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