Interior photographer in Israel

A professional interior photo shoot is always worth the money!

You need an interior photographer if

You have a business:
Quality interior and staff photos encourage potential clients to visit your office and improve social networking.
You rent an apartment out or at AirBnb:
Good-looking pictures will show the flat to best advantage and make it more appealing to potential tenants, raising the demand.
You want to sell an apartment at the best price:
Attractive photos raise demand among the potential buyers and improve your chances of selling the apartment at the highest price.

Choose photo shoot you need:

Good choice if:

  • You want to rent a small apartment/suite at AirBnb or sell a flat;
  • You have a small business (a beauty parlor, hair salon, small shop) and you need good pictures to show your clients what you do and where. You can use such photographs for your website and social networks, as well as for printed media.
rooftop photographer israel
Good choice if:

  • You have a business (a medium-sized office or a shop) and you need more photos than in the Light package to show your clients what you do;
  • You want to rent a big apartment/suite at AirBnb or to sell an apartment/house.
Good choice if:

  • You need many different photos for social networks or a website;
  • You want to show your clients both interior and staff.
up to 1 hour
up to 2 hours
from ₪2000
up to 6 hours
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Additional services:

On-site shoots
We do photo shoots all around Israel. But please mind that shoots outside Tel Aviv require traveling costs coverage. Read more in FAQ.
Fast post-processing
Speed-up of post-processing period to 3 days
( at least 100₪)
Urgent post-processing
Speed-up of post-processing period to 1 day
( at least 200₪)
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Please note! How to prepare premises for a photo shoot:

Before an interior shoot it's important to tidy up your premises. They should look exactly like you want to see them in photos: without any stains on tables and glass, any protruding cords, any trash on the floor, etc.

If it's an apartment:
  • Put away all personal items: your photos, toiletries, and clothes.
  • Take out trash and empty the laundry basket.
  • Put away everything that has to do with pets.
  • In the kitchen put away everything but for household items and home decorations.
If it's a restaurant: neatly arrange all the tables and chairs – this will make them look good in the photos.

During the shooting nobody is allowed on the premises! Give the photographer freedom to choose the style of the shoot and properly do their job.
Want to spark your clients' interest with one photo?
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