Easter Island Photographer

Hi, I'm Daniel and I'm Destination Wedding photographer. My dream is to shoot the coolest wedding on the Easter Island (Rapa-Nui). I get wanting it starting long-ago 2014 :)

I specialize in finding unusual locations and angels. Look at the photos on this page: most likely, this is exactly what are you looking for! As a photographer, I get high from thinking through ideas and locations, and I do not drive on standard routes. I use nature, relief and real views, best views. As well I taking pictures with a drone. Yeah, it's unusual!

I visited 60 countries, currently live in Tel Aviv, but will be happy to shoot you on the Easter Island and make you a deal you can't refuse..

Write me, and we'll pick up places and ideas for shooting that are interesting to you! For me it will not be "one more photo shoot", but it will be photo shoot of the dream. Your dream also.
Have questions? Leave your contact info and we will talk about details!
Write us for the best "photo shoot of the dream" offer!

Photo shoot on easter island:
Rapa nui photographer

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