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Hi, I'm Daniel and I'm Destination Wedding photographer. My dream is to shoot the coolest wedding on the Easter Island (Rapa Nui). I get wanting it starting long-ago 2014.
For me it will not be "one more shooting". It will be a shooting of the dream. I think your dream too :)

I specialize in finding unusual locations and angels. Look at the photos on this page: most likely, this is exactly what are you looking for! I use nature, relief and best views. As well I taking pictures with a drone. Yeah, it's unusual!

Fresh wedding shots you can see on my instagram via hashtag #notcake_wedding

Full wedding stories:

I work with couples: elopement, pre wedding, wedding, engagement photo shootings - what I do best. But not only :)

Write me, and we'll pick up places and ideas for shooting that are interesting to you! For me it will not be "one more photo shoot", but it will be wedding of the dream. Your dream also.

Fresh wedding shots you can see on my instagram via hashtag #notcake_wedding

Easter Island Photographer - Elopement and Wedding

Full Day
up to 12 hours
2-days shooting
2 full days
* It's important to know about photo shootings on Easter Island:
- The price is written for early bookings. In orders like "shooting next week" or "next month we have wedding" the cost may change due to the lack of cheap tickets and other unforeseen circumstances.
- Date is booked only after received prepayment, prepayment is 50%. The detailed route and timing is discussed after date reservation. You can book one day shooting first, and if, when discussing the route, we understand that one day is not enough, and nearest dates are still free, you can book additional days later. 2 days help us to be less dependent on weather.
* In some cases I offer to book one reserve day for "bad weather" case, price will be between 1 and 2 days.
- Photos will be ready in 40 days, often much faster.
- Yep, we do cool photobooks!

P.S. Don't shy to tell us your route except Easter Island: maybe you will have transit in Chile, or Peru/Bolivia/Argentina, so just write us, maybe we will offer you good deal for countries around too ;)
Write us for the best "photo shoot of the dream" offer!

More photos from other countries:

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Have questions? Leave your contact info and we will talk about details!

Photographer Easter Island:
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