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I'll create you better photos than any travel-bloggers have. I'll capture the atmosphere of the wedding party and bring you back there every time you look at the pictures. Let's have fun and make memories!

I work with couples: elopement, pre wedding, wedding, engagement photo shootings - what I do best.
On my instagram by hashtag #notcake_iceland you can find fresh shots from Iceland and more wedding shots are by #notcake_wedding.

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Iceland is one of the most unusual and beautiful places in the World. I am really in love with Iceland and so you too, cause choose this place for your elopement wedding. I will be glad to photograph your elopement here!
Just engaged? Are you looking for an Iceland photographer for your elopement? I work in documentary photography style, but I pay a lot of attention to locations, which is important in Iceland and probably it's why you are planning the wedding here.

The most popular places for a photoshoot in Iceland:

For short photoshoots close to Reykjavik: you can shoot in Reykjavik itself, walk to the water, wander through the volcanic landscapes with moss around, or go towards Kleifarvatn. Without leaving far from the airport, you can shoot in the Blue Lagoon or near it.
Also a cool option near Reykjavik and Keflavik is the active volcano Fagradalsfjall. It's not a short walk, but definitely worth it! By the way, you can also have a ceremony there.

When leaving for one or more days, the most popular options are the South Coast near Vik and the Snæfellsjökull peninsula.

The most popular and easily accessible attractions are concentrated on the coast of Vik: the black beach with Reynisfjara columns, the Dyrhólaey lighthouse with magnificent views, the Skogafoss, Kvernunfoss and Seljanafoss waterfalls (Iceland's most Instagramable waterfalls and insta spots!), the Fjaðrárgljúfur glacier and canyon. The popular Geyser and Gullfoss waterfall are relatively close: they are less suitable for a photoshoot, but they are definitely worth a look during a trip.

A little further from Reykjavik, behind Vik, there is the Jökulsárlón lagoon and Diamond Beach, views of the Vatnajökul glacier and the Svartifoss waterfall, but it is better to plan for two or three days of shooting. By the way, ice caves become accessible and safe in this region in winter.

The Snæfellsjökull peninsula is distinguished by the proximity of all places for photoshoots to each other and the opportunity to make a circular route: after a ceremony in Búðakirkja, you can go in a circle and visit the stone arch near Gatklettur, the Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall overlooking the most recognizable mountain of Iceland - Kirkjufell, black beaches and many other cool spots.

There are 2 more regions that I think are very cool to shoot, but they are less popular due to inaccessibility and more difficult logistics. These are Lake Mývatn and Westfjords (western fjords).

Around Lake Myvatn there are unusual lava fields, geothermal springs, caves. Nearby is the Selfoss waterfall, where you can drive up from different directions, and as a maximum program - The Arctic Henge (Heimskautsgerðið) in the very north.

The western fjords are very beautiful in general, without being tied to specific places, but there are also 2 super-locations: the Dynjandi waterfall and the best vantage point overlooking puffins, Látrabjarg. There you can come close to the puffins and take pictures with them.

Details of all locations with sample photos from there can be viewed on my map, which I open after booking a photoshoot.

Wedding Photographer in Iceland:

Full Day
Want discounted price or short photoshoot?


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What is a Spare Day? When is it needed?
In some cases weather is unpredictable and may interfere shooting plan. We do shooting in any weather, but thunderstorm, sand storm, heavy rain or stuck on the road impose certain restrictions on movement, location and shooting comfort. In case you come to the country for the shooting, spare day can help to guarantee the result and less depend on weather factors. How does it work:

Except main day, I book for you next day too. I will have no other plans besides your shooting. We will shoot one day, but in case of unforeseen circumstances this day can be replaced by a spare and we will be insured.

Of course, in the case of the ceremony with guests, you are unlikely to be able to reschedule the date of the ceremony due to the weather last moment. But on the other hand, the shooting for you two will take place in more pleasant weather ;)
What is Extra Shooting or Night Shooting?
Night photography can come in handy if you want to shoot with the stars, freezlight, catch the northern lights or, for example, Petra by Night. When shooting at night, usually will not be a lot of shots, but they all will be unique. For example (1), (2) and (3).

Extra shooting is shooting on one of the nearest days, most often on the next day after the booked one. For example, you want to take a photo in another location not very far from the main shooting location, or you want to completely change your look and shoot lifestyle shots.

You can choose one of these options in the Diamond package for free.
What's the difference between backstage clip, video clip in Diamond and videographer?
We have 3 video options:

A separate videographer makes a full-fledged classic wedding (or not wedding :) ) clip. Since this is a separate videographer, video shooting can take place in parallel with the photo. In addition, a separate videographer is 2 more hands, which can be very helpful in case of difficult ideas or bad weather.

Backstage clip - a short video recording in additional to photos by photographer at the most interesting moments and cutting into a clip for 2-3 minutes as a result. It won't take long during the filming process, but you will have good memories of the trip in final clip. It is done by a photographer (therefore, it is not done in parallel with the photo and is not suitable for a ceremony, for example), editing into a clip is done by a videographer.

Video clip 30-60 seconds (in the Diamond package) is a short video for Instagram. Same as a backstage clip, only shorter: pleasant memories in video :)
Do you help with locations for a photo shoot? What is personal access to the map with locations?
Yes, of course I help with the places for the photo shoot and in both packages I give recommendations. In the case of the Diamond package, in addition to direct recommendations, you will get access to a map that clearly shows places with their coordinates, examples of photos from there and my comments: with such a map it is very easy to choose places and plan a route. Before booking, I can give short recommendations, but any itinerary and planning - only after booking the date.
What is organizational assistance?
I not only help you with planning the day, but also try to help with some organizational details. This does not mean that I will find you a officiant-climber who is ready to make a legal wedding ceremony in an ice cave (although I'm lying, for these guys I could find such a officiant ;) ), but I will make reasonable efforts to help make your day as unique as possible. I'm really crazy about it!
What is polaroid photos?
These are just a few real photographs that you will receive on the day of shooting :) It seems like a trifle, but it turns out to be very nice!
How do we move on the day of shooting?
In all packages during the photo shoot, you are responsible for travel and food, unless we have discussed otherwise. In some cases, I can help with all transfers, check in person.
Are there any other additional payments?
The price does not include entrance to any paid places and attractions.
There may be a surcharge for traveling outside the big cities and for staying for few days shootings in places where only LUX hotels are located.
There may also be a surcharge if neighboring dates are booked in other countries: this often happens when planning shooting in the coming months.
How to book the date?
To book the date we take deposit and sign a contract remotely. Deposit can be done by Credit/Debit card, PaySend and PayPal. Write to me on WhatsApp or Email, and I will send detailed information.

By the way, you can book one day first, and if, when discussing the route, we understand that one day is not enough, and the neighboring dates are still free, you can book additional days later. ;)

Videographer in Iceland - wedding video:

Videographer Full Day
Additional cameraman
Additional cameraman
Jurgis & Emily
Wedding in Iceland ceremony video by Alice Notcake
Matt & Lux
Elopement video backstage from 3 days filming by me, post production by Alice Notcake
After booking any shooting in Iceland with me, you get 2 cool bonuses:

1) Access to my Google map of interesting places in Iceland with exact gps locations, photos. It is more detailed and convenient than the lonely planet and other guidebooks. This is useful not only for a photo shoot, but for a whole trip to Iceland. The map can be easily viewed from the phone or exported to kml / kmz for the navigator.
2) Checklist for shooting in Iceland. Not sure how to prepare? Or afraid that something will go wrong because of unpredictable weather? This list will help you to be ready for anything.
3) List of recommendations of Make up & hair artists and Officiants.
iceland map sights
* It's important:
- The price is written for early bookings, at least 6 months in advance. In orders like "shooting next week" or "next month we have wedding" price may change.
- You are responsible for moving and food during the shooting, if we don't agree on another. The photographer needs to be returned to the starting point to his car, and not toss in the middle of the island :) It's possible to go by my car, but this is additional option and discussed personally.
- For full shooting days already included photographer arrival up to Vik to the East and up to Snæfellsnes to the West. Not actual for special offers shootings. Departures far from Reykjavik are discussed personally, maybe will be additional transfer/accommodation fee.
- Date is booked only after received deposit, prepayment is 50%. Deposit is non-refundable. The detailed route and timing is discussed after date reservation. You can book one day shooting first, and if, when discussing the route, we understand that one day is not enough, and nearest dates are still free, you can book additional days later.
- Photos will be ready in 45 days, often much faster.

Additional options:

Spare day - 600 euro
What is spare day and how does it work:
In some cases weather is unpredictable and may interfere shooting plan. We do shooting in any weather, but thunderstorm, sand storm or heavy rain impose certain restrictions on movement, location and shooting. In case you come to the country for the shooting, this can help to guarantee the result and less depend on weather factors.
I can book for you 2 days for which I will have no other plans besides your shooting. We will shoot one day, but in case of unforeseen circumstances this day can be replaced by a spare.
Assistant - from 500 euro
Why it's really useful:
In my shootings, every spare hand counts. In some places, it is important to quickly change clothes or hold jackets, in some it is important to help bring in spare clothing or photo equipment, turn the light on or drive the car closer so that you don't have to go extra 500 meters in a wedding dress. I never insist on an assistant, but sincerely recommend it if the budget allows.
All our assistants are photographers and can simultaneously take pictures from other angles or help with shooting backstage video.
Fast post production in 7 days - 400 euro
Post-processing within 7 days, instead of 45 days. Check the possibility in advance.
All Jpegs/RAWs - 100/350 euro
We can send all jpeg photos in a separate archive for an additional 100 euros. Most often, I take 2000-4000 photos per day of shooting, so this will be a large archive and it will not be easy to download.

We can also send the entire archive of RAW photos for 350 euros. Such archives can easily reach 100-200Gb.

It is important to understand that by copyright laws we are still owners of photos and this DOES NOT give you the right to use photographs for commercial purposes. But we will give permission to edit photos.

The fact that you need all the photos must be reported no later than the day the photos will be delivered.
Premium photobook - 550 euro
A photobook in leather printed on silk paper that will be delivered to your home, wherever you are. Detailed information - by click.
Haven't found the package you need? Leave your contact info and we will think of something!

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