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At the moment 2019 we no longer make Light albums. We only make premium photo books. You can order Light photo albums through local Israeli services such as by yourself: it is very easy and quite cheap.

We have 2 options for printing albums:
Light: This is a budget album with print quality photos. Well suited for bar and bat mitzvah, for example. Full information on this page.
Premium: Premium photo albums, leather. Ideal for weddings and other important events. Information on the page - Premium Photobooks.
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Here is an example of our Light photo book.

    Light Photo Album:

    • Question:
      How it looks and how much does it cost?
      A standard book has 24 pages. Price for this album is 600 nis. If you need more, it can be arranged for additional price, every 8 pages is 100 nis.

      The pages are thick, made of two sheets of heavyweight photo paper glued together. The photo book is 20*30 cm and has no folds, so a photo can occupy a whole spread (up to 40*30 cm). That way they look particularly cool :)
    • Question:
      What do you need from us to create an album?
      You can entrust the selection of photos and the creation of the album to us (by default) or to select photos for the album by yourselves.

      In cases, if you want to choose the photos for the album by yourselves - please warn in advance. Then you need an archive with all the photos you want to see in the album + a separately marked photo that you want to put on the cover. If there are 24 pages in the album, you should choose near 16-25 photos. More - means that almost all photos will hang on 2 per page, and this is not very successful.
      *Why? We make some horizontal photos one at a time, vertical photos - one per page and part of horizontal photos - 2 per page. In our opinion, this looks best.

      IMPORTANT: In cases of selecting photos by you, we still take responsibility to remove 1-3 photos or add 1-2 photos if the album is not to be page-proofs.
    • Question:
      Can I add my photos to the album?
      Of course. If you want to add your personal/previously shot photos to the book, it's possible. Add all the photos that you'd like to see in the book to one archive (.zip) and send it to us. The preferable resolution of your pictures is at least 2000px.

      Please note: we do not pick the photos! We put together all the shots that you have sent us.
    • Question:
      What I also need to know?
      When ordering a photo book please submit all the text information that you want to see inside. We personally are not fans of text; we believe a picture is worth a thousand words. But if you want it, that's not a problem, just send us a written copy with all your comments and requests.

      We do not approve albums, we do not post layouts and screenshots, nor do we deal with collage. Ordering an album in our performance, you agree to our final vision of the album.
    • Question:
      When it will be ready and how I can get it?
      The album will be accurately ready within 4 weeks after the photos are agreed or the statement that we will choose the photos for the album. We take a week for layout, 2 weeks for printing and a week just in case, if something goes wrong.
      During the holidays, this period may increase.

      When the photo book is ready, you can collect it from any part of the country: we send it to the Boxit system, so you'll only need a password. It's very easy and convenient.

      To choose the nearest Boxit, we need your address or district where you live.
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