Brief for video in Israel

You want to shoot a video, and we need to clearly understand what exactly you expect from us and want to get as a result. Perhaps you yourself do not know what exactly you need, but this short brief will help us to be on the same wavelength.

The more details we will know, the easier it will be for us to give the final price and do everything exactly the way you want, without missing something important for you.
Name, Surname and contact phone:
Planing date of filming:
Place of filming:
Describe what exactly you need to shoot, how long time approx will be needed and what shooting conditions will be:
What is needed as a result of work:
Work with sound:
If you need us to work with sound - write what exactly. If you already have music/track - write it and give a link.
Work with text, captions, labels, graphics?
Will we need to find models?
We can take up the search for models for an additional fee.
Something else that matters to you and you want us to know?