Privacy and publicity

We understand, that some couples want not to share their event with anyone else and keep it inside the family.

At the same time for us, it's really important to share photos from our weddings and other events. It's only the way for us to show what we are doing to other couples. If you hadn't seen our photos, you wouldn't have chosen us, would you? So give the chance to other couples to find us by our photos. We have to share beautiful weddings and events to get more beautiful weddings and events. And we hope every our bride and groom wants to have a beautiful wedding too ;)

I'm top 1 in Israel according to MyWed and ProWedAward last 4 years and was top 1 in Israel on Fearless Photographers for a few years in a row, before I changed location to Iceland in 2022. Yeah, now I'm top 1 in Iceland. It's the most popular international wedding awards and it's impossible to participate there without availability to share real weddings. For us, this is a way to implement, go all out and be better every year. Better for you.

Summing up everything, in 2022 we decided to change privacy terms:
If you still want to keep your wedding or photoshoot private, it will be +15% extra to the package (instead of +40% before 2022). One note: it's possible only before signing the contract, not after. It's reasonable and doesn't change the price a lot. We will do our best and we will delete your wedding directly after sending it.

But we hope that you will give us chance to show other couples your beautiful wedding and will not ask for privacy.