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If you have come to this page, I probably should not introduce myself. I offer 3 education options. By clicking on it, you will go to the detailed information for each.
Pack of 4 private lessons

Private lesson:

Lesson can be absolutely on any subject, you choose questions and topics. I have a lot of personal experience and, basically, I learned everything myself. So with pleasure I will help you not to fill the same bumps and answer any questions which I am competent, without hiding anything. I will try to put everything in your head on the shelves and pay attention to the little things that play a big role.

For example, during lesson, we can touch:

Everything related to the evolution of you as a photographer - Portfolio Review, equipment, preparation and shooting, communicating with models, backups, post-processing, creating a series and so on. Drone/Quadcopter - technical part, flights, any additional nuances.

Everything related to attracting customers and your site - Site Review, UX, SEO, working with social networks, advertising, business processes: pricing, contracts, accounting, legality and so on.

I will not give you any abstract recommendations, but personal tips for you and your case, which may help save you time, energy and money. I will not be able to answer questions like "how to make a beautiful color" - they cannot be answered unequivocally. But I can easily answer the question "how can I get your color", for example.

Lesson duration is up to 2.5 hours. If you wish, you can prepare the basic questions before the lesson and send them to me.

Terms of payment: full prepayment, non refundable. In the case of a package for 4 lessons - 1/2 before the first lesson, 1/2 after the first lesson. The package is limited up to 6 months.


Mentoring is a more intimate process than private lessons. We build a plan for you, short-term and long-term goals and go to them. As a result, we will build your business or change your approach to a hobby.

Includes up to 15 personal lessons + studying and shooting with us on up to 2 real weddings.

Important: I can not guarantee that any couple in any country will agree you to come to their wedding. If wedding is in another country, you pay your own travel & accommodation expenses, but I will be happy to help you with organizational things. It is also important to understand that I will be able to answer questions that require a long time only after shooting, not in the process.

Terms of payment: 1/2 before start, 1/4 after 6 lessons, 1/4 at finish or after 6 months, whichever comes first. Non refundable. Mentoring is limited up to 12 months.
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