Questionnaire for Assistant

This questionnaire is for assistants. Assistant's functions are to help during the shooting: to be on hand with equipment, to work with the light, any other help up to "bring water from the bar and that piece of cake." But this is work, not teaching. It doesn't mean that I will not prompt and help, but first of all I am also at work. I am potentially looking for a second photographer for the future and a videographer/videographer assistant.

What is important for me:
  • You should already be in the photography
  • The ability to listen and hear, interact with people
  • Understandable working terms
  • First of all, I am looking for assistants located in Israel and Iceland
Links, please links, otherwise we will never find you:)
If yes - are you ready to be responsible for transfers due the shooting day? What’s your terms? If no - do you have a possibility to come and go to Tel Aviv?
List everything that may be relevant.
Experience with light, communication with models, product/venue photo shooting, etc.
Here should be a direct link to your online gallery archive, your work profile or your work hashtag on Instagram. Where you positioning yourself in the photosphere. If your Facebook page has selfies, reposts and work photos - this is not a portfolio. If you do not have a portfolio yet, but you have an experience - write in the paragraph above.
We are sure that any work should be paid if it is planned in the long term and not just once for fan. However, probably we will ask you for a test on-site to the wedding without payment (shhh, they feed at weddings) in order to understand whether we are suitable for each other. You can write any dignities on Tinder, but love is love. We have 3 main packages - 6, 9 and 12 hours.
If yes, describe the approximate conditions. This question primarily applies to Jordan/Iceland, but other countries are possible as well.