Videographer in Israel

Wedding videographer, cameraman: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem video production.

Alice & Daniel:

Alice - with her we work perfectly as a team, often replacing each other in photos and videos. She is open to any, both cozy and sincere, as well as driving and dynamic weddings in Israel and abroad.
David & Hadar
Wedding highlights clip in Israel, Sderot
Simona & Jacob
Wedding highlights in Israel during pandemic
Ksenia & Constantin
Wedding author's movie in Georgia + SoundDesign
Dina & Elisha
Backstage video from the orthodox jewish wedding
Matt & Lux
Wedding clip from Iceland Gay Elopement

Nastya & Kirill:

Yanir & Miriam
Wedding clip for jewish wedding in Desert
Boris & Christina
Wedding clip

Wedding video in Israel

Up to 6 hours + Highlights Clip
Full day (up to 12 hours) + Highlights Clip
Change highlights Clip (2-4min) to Author's Movie (8-15min)
Archive film
Prewedding video (up to 2.5 hours filming)
Prewedding video (full day filming)
SoundDesign +₪500
Second Videographer +₪200/hour, from 6 hours
Ceremony standalone camera +₪500
Speed up post-production to 14 days +20%, to 7 days +40%

Wedding packages offers

  • Full day wedding videography with SoundDesign
  • Highlights clip + Archive film OR only Author's movie
  • Ceremony
  • Prewedding video (up to 2.5 hours)
  • No travel fee to Jerusalem/Haifa/Beer Sheva
  • Full day wedding videography
  • Second videographer (6 hours)
  • Highlights clip with SoundDesign
  • Author's movie (8-15 min) OR Archive film (30-60 min)
  • Ceremony
  • Prewedding video (full day)
  • No travel fee to Jerusalem/Haifa/Beer Sheva
Hihglights Clip - clip with best moments about 2-4 minutes, it's classical one music track highlights.
Author's Movie - wedding video 8-15 minutes, dynamic slicing in the same style as highlights clip. The duration of the author's film can be discussed individually.
Archive film - 30-60 minutes, edited in chronology to see the whole wedding in its entirety, we recommend to those who need a looonger. :)
Ceremony - recording from a stand-alone camera, we give as separate video, as is.

Special offers for photo + video + albums packages are on the page "Wedding Photographer in Israel". We all work with sound, light and drones. Video will be ready in 3 months, often faster. Changes/corrections are possible within 5 days from the moment the video is received, we accept one list of changes.
How many hours do we need?
Timing and movement are different for every wedding, but more often:
6 hours - only shooting in the venue OR preparation and outdoor love story for example.
9 hours - filming preparation and in the venue or filming some outdoor love story and in the venue.
12 hours - preparation, a short walking outdoor and shooting in the venue.
What's the difference between a wedding clip, author's movie and archive film?
A wedding clip is what is called a highlights, a 2-4 minute dynamic video of the highlights of your wedding.

An author's wedding movie is a 8-15 minute video. It is not so dynamic, but it contains more material, more moments from the ceremony and is more enjoyable to look over many years after the wedding. It makes sense to book an author's movie for weddings 9-12 hours.

An archive film is 30-60 minute video, edited in chronology, without much editing, to see the whole wedding in its entirety. Recommended for those who need looonger. :) An archive film is needed to preserve even more moments from the wedding and remember more of the atmosphere of this day for the future, as well as to please grandparents.
What is "SoundDesign"?
SoundDesign is a additional work with sound in a clip and/or a movie. We work with sound throughout the day (not just during ceremony). If a person walks in clip, the sound of footsteps appears. Funny and sincere phrases said during the preparation or the first meeting will also be included in the final video. SoundDesign allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere much better. Not only to see, but also to hear.
Most often, videographers in clips simply put music in the background and do not use third-part sounds.
Can we get RAW?
Yep, sure. Write us before the wedding or, at most, on the wedding day: we will upload RAWs to the cloud and within a week they will be available for download.
Do we need a second videographer?
When a second videographer is needed:
  • Preparations are planned in different locations for bride and groom.
  • Very busy schedule on the day of wedding.
  • We booked wedding movie and need more RAW.
  • Religious wedding (different gender photographers).
If at least 2 points are match, you should think about a second videographer. :)
Where can we make the video?
We work everywhere in Israel: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Netanya, Beer Sheva, Haifa, Tiberias, Dead Sea, Gush Dan, Bat Yam, Ramat Gan, Holon, Rishon LeZion, Herzliya end even Eilat.
Terms and travel fees can be found at the link, specify the possibility if you order only a wedding video.

In addition to Israel, we work literally anywhere in the world. Write us for details!

Elopement, engagement, family and save the date video in Israel

Only Tel Aviv
Up to 1 hour filming + Highlights 1-2 min
Up to Dead Sea - Haifa - Beer Sheva
Up to 2.5 hour filming + Highlights 1-4 min or movie
When ordering with a photo shoot - discount 500₪ OR no travel fee for photo+video, travel fee terms
SoundDesign +500₪

Full day filming + Highlights 2-5 min or movie
When ordering with a photo shoot - discount 500₪ OR no travel fee for photo+video, travel fee terms
SoundDesign +500₪

You can order a long movie with simple editing in the timeline instead of a Highlights clip with no extra charge, for example for family travel blogs. Post-production for 1-3 hour shoots is up to 1 month, Post-production for full-day shoots is up to 3 months. You can book post-production speed up 2x for +20% of the package.
Yasya & Ilya
Elopement & Love Story video in Israel
Ksenia & Liron
Engagement video in Israel

Wedding movie samples:

Ksenia & Kostya by Alice
Wedding in Georgia movie with SoundDesign
Simona & Jacob by Alice
Wedding in Israel movie
Yanir & Miriam by Nastya & Kirill
Wedding in Desert movie
Anastasia & Dmitry by Alice
Wedding in Israel (pandemic) movie

More wedding clips:

Cameraman in Israel for other videos:

To guide you with the correct price, please fill out a short brief about the video. Without an understanding of these details, we will not be able to give your price or any other details.

The minimum cost of ordering a short clip with filming is 2500 shekels, we do not have smaller packages.

Filming is possible all over Israel. See conditions for filming outside Tel Aviv.

Brief for other videos:

You want to shoot a video, and we need to clearly understand what exactly you expect from us and want to get as a result. Perhaps you yourself do not know what exactly you need, but this short brief will help us to be on the same wavelength.

The more details we will know, the easier it will be for us to give the final price and do everything exactly the way you want, without missing something important for you.
Name, Surname and contact phone:
Planing date of filming:
Place of filming:
Describe what exactly you need to shoot, how long time approx will be needed and what shooting conditions will be:
What is needed as a result of work:
Work with sound:
If you need us to work with sound - write what exactly. If you already have music/track - write it and give a link.
Work with text, captions, labels, graphics?
Will we need to find models?
We can take up the search for models for an additional fee.
Something else that matters to you and you want us to know?
Haven't found the package you need? Leave your contact info and we will think of something!

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