Gift Card
for family photo shoot for Daniel
— What is include in photo shoot?
  • Preliminary discussion of all the details
  • Up to 1 hour of photo shoot
  • At least 25 post-processed photos (you can read full information about post-processing here)
  • Post-processing photos in 14 days
— Where we can do photo shoot?

— By default, we do a photo shoots in Tel Aviv.
Nevertheless, it is possible to travel to other cities and even countries (we travel a lot and are ready to shoot anywhere in the world), but it is better to discuss the conditions in each case in person.
— How I can use gift card?

— Decide about the date of shooting and contact us in any convenient way. Name the code "Winter is coming", so we checked the certificate. If the date is not booked, we will gladly book it for you and hold a photo session.
The gift card is valid until February 29, 2018.

* Please, don't pull with shooting until the last! When booking at the last minute, you may not be lucky with the weather (although in Israel this is a rarity) or we may have a tight schedule. Please contact us in advance.

** Sometimes we shoot in other countries. In this case, it happens that our phone is unavailable. Write us on WhatsApp, if suddenly we are out of the zone: there we always online.
— What I also need to know?

— Please, be responsible to booking the date. We try to make advances and with a serious need to replace the date, but understand us: after booking we plan on the basis of shooting and decline to other customers.

In the case of heavy rain or weather collapse, of course, we are trying to replace the date with the nearest free date. But we do not control the weather, so we usually contact you on the eve of the shooting and once again one hour before the shooting. If the weather has not improved - we do rebooking.